Analytics Strategies That Generate Deeper Insights for Better Business Decision Making

We’re passionate about every aspect of analytics and how we can use data to help businesses reach their full potential while better serving their customers.

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Data Quality

To use data, you need to have confidence that the data is accurate. Ayima ensures that your data is accurate, comprehensive and can be used to inform your decisions while having a big impact on your commercial bottom line.

Access Insights

Data trapped in tools is of no value to the business. Ayima creates easy to use and relevant reporting that exposes the key information you need. Training is provided to all stakeholders on not just how to use tools but on how to interpret the data and make it work for you.

Transform Data into Insights

Data is nice to have but insights add value. We'll work with your in-house teams to interpret data and transform it into insights that you can use to inform the decisions you're making and actions you're taking. Smarter decisions based on these insights equates to better business results.

Applied Use of Data

Data must be put to work to create business value. Our experts provide actionable, data-based recommendations across the business. We go beyond this by building automated solutions that use data to influence visitor behaviour and maximise its impact on performance.

You can't work on opinion alone. Get the right data to drive your growth now and well into the future.

When businesses make uninformed decisions, the results are hardly ever what they hoped for. Our analytics team has the expertise to provide your business with the information it needs to make the right decisions based on data and research.

Develop your Data Maturity

Analytics is not a quick fix. Success comes from an organisation committing to the use of data as part of their DNA. Ayima works with organisations to map out the necessary actions to get full value from an investment in analytics, across the technology, people, process and culture.

Define your Data Strategy

Planning is vital to utilising analytics properly. From defining your KPIs (not vanity metrics) to tracking requirements and your overall strategy for the use of analytics, Ayima is here to help. We work to understand your business so solutions are customised to your needs.

Our Data Philosophy

Analytics needs to be understood by the decision makers within an organisation to add value. That's why we work harder to ensure data is usable, user friendly and useful. Solutions are simplified as necessary to make them more practical. They are worked and reworked to ensure that our best practice recommendations really are the best.

Data for Everyone

We specialise in both Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud to ensure your business gets the greatest insights and results from the data you hold, no matter which platform you're on.

We play nicely with other departments

You can sleep safe in the fact that any work done by Ayima will be the best money can buy, find out about the other departments and how we integrate your campaigns.