Digital marketing solutions for the healthcare industry

For more than a decade, we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest healthcare companies, wellness brands, and health insurance providers.

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Driving conversions with Paid Media

We have executed Paid Media campaigns throughout the sales funnel and across various platforms in the healthcare industry. Through our holistic approach, we’ll handle the planning, buying, and reporting, so you can get the results you need.

For a U.S. primary care system, our campaigns encompassed hyper-local and national markets to target new patients and increase physician recruitment. We utilized both Paid Search and Paid Social to successfully drive leads for both parts of the business.

Cross-channel collaboration to boost growth

We often find that combining several of our services is the best way to improve performance, especially when you need to increase conversions. While SEO or Paid Social on its own can help you get closer to your goals, a cross-channel approach can do so much more.

We worked with a major wellness website that was looking to build its user base and reduce the friction caused by keyword cannibalization. Through an SEO and Paid Media collaboration, we doubled their total account signups from organic search while reducing their PPC Cost Per Acquisition by 20% in one year.

Innovative technical solutions

Improving rankings means more than publishing better content or optimizing existing pages. If your healthcare site has serious technical issues, you need to prioritize resolving those issues for your site to reach its maximum potential.

We were tasked with recovering a top health website’s organic market share, because key stakeholders knew that it was capable of performing better. Our experts worked closely with their developer team to redesign the entire site, which included removing duplicate content and building a clear site structure. As a result, the site received 1 million more clicks year over year from organic search, which was a nearly 50% increase.

We understand the importance of building trust

Trust is paramount in the healthcare industry, so it’s crucial that you convey authority and expertise in your space. This is all connected to how Google values and ranks websites through its E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise Authority, and Trustworthiness) system. The more you’re capable of demonstrating these qualities through content, the more you will be able to compete and the more market share you will capture.

We helped a leading telehealth brand develop an educational content hub with the goal of increasing the number of clinicians in its network. We created expertly written and expert medically reviewed resource pages centered on helping aspiring healthcare professionals find a new role in the telehealth industry. In one year, we were able to double sign-up rates and dominate the search results for all related search queries.

Our Health Expertise include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Site migration/consolidation
  • Local targeting – Region/state/province/city
  • Expertise health & medical content
  • Advertising/content restrictions per market
  • Paid Media new customer acquisition
  • Health & wellness ecommerce/retail
  • International expansion
  • B2B health marketing
  • Competitor monitoring