At Ayima, our main drivers are collaboration, innovation and passion. That’s what helps us stand out from the crowd and makes us a digital marketing agency like no other. We are fiercely independent and don’t conform to the industry blueprint. We take pride in what we do. Our tools and technology, teamed with our creativity make us who we are. We believe success comes from working collaboratively across departments, and building strong relationships with our clients to deliver exceptional results. Put simply, we care about doing our best and making the people we work with happy.

Great reasons to work with Ayima

Healthcare for you and your family

My family have made the most out of our private medical insurance. It’s been great having access to additional support when we’ve needed it.

We take pride in what we produce

We make sure every piece of work that goes out of the door is something we’re happy to put our name to. The focus is on the quality rather than the speed at which it’s done.

Your hard work will get noticed

We work with some of the biggest brands on the web. That means projects can take time to implement but the results are seen by literally millions of people and can significantly impact our clients’ businesses.

You get to manage your own workload

We’re all given the opportunity to be autonomous. It doesn’t suit everyone, but for people who appreciate responsibility and don’t need hand-holding, it’s liberating.

The beer fridge is always fully stocked

We work hard, but the relaxed environment means that people can chill out when they need to. We like to look after the team and always keep the beer fridge well stocked.

We’ve (almost) said goodbye to email

A conscious effort has been made to increase collaboration and stop people being a slave to their inbox. Most communication now takes place via Slack, connecting the entire global team.

Learn new skills at your own pace

Ayima is very focussed on employee development and they are happy to fund outside training courses.

Be the master of your own destiny

The structure is in place to support you to grow and make your mark within Ayima. I get to be the one who decides which career path I’d like to forge

We work in exceptional spaces

The office environment is relaxed and enjoyable. We have beautifully designed offices in great locations like Clerkenwell in London, SoHo in New York and Gastown in Vancouver.

Someone always has the right answer

The volume of collective in-house experience means that most situations have been encountered by a member of the team, who will be more than happy to share their knowledge.

A relationship that’s built on trust

The focus is on producing amazing work, not the exact time you clock in and out. You’re trusted to manage your workload and to get done what needs to be done.

The fun continues outside the office

We have had some great company parties. Apart from the big summer and Christmas parties, we also get to enjoy away days, cocktail classes, wine tastings and team dinners.

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