Paid Media

Taking a Personal Approach

As one of the most transparent of all the digital marketing channels at your disposal, PPC offers you a chance to immediately see the direct result of your spend. But just because you can see where your money is going, it doesn’t mean you have full understanding of how it could be spent.

Paid Search Management

PPC offers you a chance to immediately see the direct result of your spend.

Data Driven Models

Inspired by financial statistics, we apply mathematical theory to each campaign we work on, covering everything from regression analysis to Monte-Carlo simulations.

Flexible Budgeting

Whatever you're willing and able to invest in your paid search strategy, we've got an optimisation model that will suit you and provide exceptional ROI.

Continuously updating

Loading information from a variety of sources into our data warehouse every hour means we're able to automate rules, applying it to your campaign so you're always ahead of the game.

Paid advertising strategies

During key promotional periods, our clients entrust Ayima to get the most from their budgets.

Social strategies

Promotion Designed Around People

Data Driven Models

Going beyond pure platform data, we combine live performance analytics with third party sources offering deeper insight and greater campaign flexibility.

Advanced Targeting

Existing customer segments are optimised along with lookalike profiles and intelligent prospecting to craft the perfect audience targets.

Key Partners

Ayima's deep relationships with established and emerging social media sites gives our clients early access to the latest innovative promotional opportunities.