Programmatic that maximises results

Bucking the trend of ad blindness, we combine first and third party data sources with machine learning and real time bidding to gain every possible competitive advantage for our clients.

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Reach More Audiences

Relationships with selected partners, publishers and ad exchanges give us access to exclusive display inventory for premium engagement.

Intelligent Automation

While much of the process is delivered by customised algorithms, we haven't forgotten the human element, adding a handcrafted aspect to campaign strategies.

Reflecting the Funnel

Our campaigns work in conjunction with other media throughout the consumer journey, from brand awareness to that final push towards purchase.

Appealing Aesthetics

Reflecting an increasingly mobile world, our lightweight HTML5 creative makes an impact in every environment, with continuous optimisation.

Amalgamating who your users are, what they like doing and what they've been looking at online is just one part of the job, and there's a host of agencies out there who will claim to be the best at it. Ayima strives to be more than just another of those agencies.

Humans, not spreadsheets

You will of course have access to all the campaign data you need, but we'd never just deliver the numbers and consider it a job done. We're here to talk you through that all that information, and will support you in making sure it's valuable in influencing your future decision making.

An in-house development team

Bidding technology is important in the advertising world. So important that relying on off-the-shelf providers to supply the behind the scenes software would be a serious risk. We'd prefer to be in control of our own destiny, so we've built customised technology that's perfectly suited to our clients. And the best part is we can adapt it as and when we need to.

Part of the overall picture

Our programmatic team aren't just advertising experts, they're all-round marketers who are well versed in everything from SEO to social media, PR and content. This means they know how to integrate campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Whether it's Ayima, another agency or your internal teams running those services for your business, they're happy to collaborate, sharing data insight that helps every part of the programme perform.

We're learners, and trainers

Our team are required to pass a number of exams and gain their certificates before being let loose on client accounts. And once they've acquired that knowledge, we encourage them to pass it on. Training our clients is a core part of our service, and while giving them expert knowledge could arguably put us out of a job, we believe the more they know, the more fruitful our working relationship will be.

We play nicely with other departments

You can sleep safe in the fact that any work done by Ayima will be the best money can buy, find out about the other departments and how we integrate your campaigns.