That’s where our extensive expertise comes into play

We’ve put together a team of technical yet creative individuals, who pride themselves in knowing how, when and where you should be spending for maximum return.

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Data Driven Models

Inspired by financial statistics, we apply mathematical theory to each campaign we work on, covering everything from regression analysis to Monte-Carlo simulations.

Flexible Budgeting

Whatever you're willing and able to invest in your paid search strategy, we've got an optimisation model that will suit you and provide exceptional ROI.

Continuously updating

Loading information from a variety of sources into our data warehouse every hour means we're able to automate rules, applying it to your campaign so you're always ahead of the game.

Data at your Fingertips

We give clients a simple, accessible interface from which to view campaign data. Create your own reports at the click of a button, and integrate our data into your own BI toolkit.

High-Level User Journey

Utilising the iCandy audience, our tailored campaign delivered a high-level user journey with increased conversion.

The advanced campaign strategies we develop are all thanks to our unique approach to data. Aggregating and modelling large data sets is at the core of what we do and understanding our client's business and their customers is key in driving profitable PPC campaigns.

Always testing

Our advanced forecasting algorithms use machine Learning and neural networks to allocate daily budgets and predict KPIs. The more data we can input, the more accurate we can be, with implementation improving over time. Our teams understand the importance of testing, so much so that we design whole schedules around this whether it be ads, keywords or landing pages.

Bids that mean business

Bidding strategies are tailored to our clients’ needs, proprietary software gives us the edge over any 3rd party bid management tool. Using historical data we assess actual and potential performance, identifying the most profitable hours in a week for visibility with individually tailored schedules for country, brand, non-brand and device.

Not sitting in a silo

Our paid search experts work closely with those in all channels, meaning they understand how cross-channel campaigns work to ensure efficiency across your marketing campaigns. We're happy to collaborate with any other agencies you work with, and actively encourage an open dialogue of strategies and data that mutually benefits everyone involved in a project.

Real-time recommendations

We take an Agile approach to solving our clients problems. This means tasks are prioritised on what impacts performance the most. Everything we do is cloud based and all our clients have direct access to our tools, meaning we spend less time communicating and more time making you money.

We play nicely with other departments

You can sleep safe in the fact that any work done by Ayima will be the best money can buy, find out about the other departments and how we integrate your campaigns.