Ecommerce strategies that convert

Ayima offers a tailored package of technical SEO, Paid Media, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Performance Analytics, designed to provide ecommerce sites with the Business Intelligence they need to grow traffic and deliver increased revenue per visit.

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All the Info

Our solution is built around providing business cases, with every recommendation supported by data and implementation options to help you come to the right decisions.

End-to-End Conversion

Conversion doesn't just happen on your checkout page. Our approach takes the entire funnel into consideration, growing revenue by making the customer journey more efficient.

Layered Data

Ayima Query is our custom business intelligence platform, pulling together an infinite number of data feeds to provide true performance analytics to fuel your strategy.

Test and Learn

You can only see the true results of your actions when they go live, so we've developed robust testing procedures that allow our clients to see consistent growth.

The difference in culture between Enterprise organisations and startups is vast, but when it comes to delivering revenue via ecommerce, the priorities and tactics are largely the same. We use our experience at both ends of the spectrum to put together the right suite of services for any business situation.

We're channel agnostic

Our consultants have individual specialisms, but are well versed in what every other digital channel can do. This means you get an honest and unbiased view of what will work; we're not going to push a Paid Media solution when technical SEO improvements would be more advantageous, and vice versa.

Slotting neatly into your setup

However your internal teams are organised, we're able to mould our solution so it becomes a natural extension of how you operate. Ayima's has worked alongside countless other agencies and rather than being protective of our advice and date, we activity encourage collaboration and cooperation for the greater good.

Reports around the clock

All our clients have access to our highly advanced analytics tools, with the ability to create custom dashboards and trigger alerts. In the hectic world of e-commerce, we understand that it's no good waiting for a monthly, weekly or even daily report when you need to know sales figures there and then.

Empowering and enabling

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a sustainable strategy, and a large part of that is giving those within your business the knowledge required to make more informed decisions. Training is available of any or all of our services, giving everyone in your organisation a better understanding of how their actions influence performance.

We play nicely with other departments

You can sleep safe in the fact that any work done by Ayima will be the best money can buy, find out about the other departments and how we integrate your campaigns.