Put Your Most Valuable Traffic Source in Expert Hands

Ayima consultants offer the latest industry knowledge and a wealth of data to businesses looking to improve their visibility.

As web technology evolves, so does SEO. We understand exactly how to get Search benefits from everything a business creates online (and sometimes offline).

Small changes can make a huge difference to your traffic and ROI. Unearthing those hard-to spot technical fixes is where our consultants excel.

Big Decisions Backed by Unique Data

Reliable data is a crucial component in creating the right strategy for each client.

Proprietary ranking, market share and backlink data allow our consultants to make informed decisions and effectively prioritise actions for positive results.

Driven by our online reporting interface, data is at the heart of every decision our SEOs make.

We create sustainable SEO strategies that bear long-term benefits, built around on site technical improvements that increase traffic and generate revenue.

The live data we track allows our experts to improve organic visibility for brands and their products by applying the right approach at the right time.

Our custom analysis tools are designed by SEOs and built by an in-house dev team, enabling them to meet the individual needs of clients.

Taking a Personal Approach to Paid Search

Designing and executing market leading Search campaigns is simply what we do.

Our teams have data driven minds and creative hearts with a passion for providing unparalleled client service.

Experts in Knowledge Creation

The advanced campaign strategies we develop are all thanks to our data warehouse. Aggregating and modelling large data sets is at the core of what we do and understanding our clients business and their customers is key in driving profitable paid Search campaigns.

We take an Agile approach to solving our clients problems. This means tasks are prioritised on what impacts performance the most.

Paid techniques to support SEO or strategies to dominate exposure. Our fully integrated Search campaigns deliver performance holistically.

Bidding strategies are tailored to our clients’ needs, proprietary software gives us the edge over any 3rd party bid management tool.

Social Promotion Designed Around People

Social media has redefined the way we communicate with each other, and with brands.

Using the wealth of data at our disposal, we deliver personalised messages via immersive creative, turning platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into powerful ROI channels.

Live performance insights and flexible campaign structures allow us to optimise audience engagement rates, mirroring your customer journey.

Ayima's deep relationships with social media partners gives you early access to the latest innovative promotional opportunities.

Our creative team offer 360° video, motion graphics and high impact imagery to ensure your brand stands out in busy news feeds.

A Different Approach to Display

Display advertising is at its most powerful when messages are personalised to individual consumers.

Bucking the trend of ad blindness, we combine first and third party data sources with machine learning and real time bidding to gain every possible competitive advantage for our clients.

Relationships with selected partners, publishers and ad exchanges give us access to exclusive display inventory for premium engagement.

Reflecting an increasingly mobile world, our lightweight HTML 5 creative makes an impact in every environment, with continuous optimisation.

Our campaigns work in conjunction with other media throughout the consumer journey, from brand awareness to that final push towards purchase.

E-Commerce Strategies that Deliver

Ayima offers an integrated E-Commerce solution that combines a tailored mix of technical SEO, Paid Media, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Performance Analytics with Business Intelligence.

This single solution is able to not only grow traffic and deliver increased revenue per visit, but also help Enterprise decision making by using data to highlight opportunities and test outcomes and tactics that would otherwise be ignored.

Our E-Commerce team has extensive experience optimising some of the world's largest retailers and increasing customers using data-driven decision making and iterative testing.

Optimising your conversion rate will benefit all channels and immediately grow revenue. All ideas and decisions are tested to ensure success.

Our business intelligence and performance analytics provide insights that feed into the strategy and inform future tests.

Performance Analytics - Turning Data into Insight

We live and breathe data, taking as much care about how it’s stored and accessed to how it’s reported on and analysed, we've turned the practice of business intelligence and data science into an art form.

As well as developing the ability to harness Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we also create bespoke methodologies that we employ to ensure our strategies always remain cutting edge.

Developed by our in-house team, Ayima Query comprises a super flexible dashboard solution that allows the aggregation of any 3rd party or proprietary data source into a simple and easy format.

Predictive Modelling. Using established and experimental statistical models, algorithms and machine learning we offer insight into likely future scenarios. Our goal is to establish what will happen, not what might.

Performance Optimisation. Looking into past performance and future trends is all well and good, but this is where we look at what needs to be done right now to help you deliver on your business objectives.

Content That Creates Awareness and Builds Relationships

People care most about the companies who offer them something valuable, whether that’s a discount, a unique insight, or a giggle.

We find inventive ways to communicate your business via content that appeals to the media and reflects the interests of your customers.

Ayima’s in-house tools analyse content, competitors and communities to identify topics that will grab people’s attention.

Our innovative ideas slot neatly into the user journey, building brand awareness, social engagement and direct website traffic.

Distribution is just as important as creation. Ayima PR works closely with journalists and industry influencers to understand what content they’re looking to share.

Creative That Turns Heads

Great design isn’t just about aesthetics. Form and function are given equal billing on every creative challenge we take on.

From beautiful banners to extensive ecommerce sites, we appeal to customers with simplicity, clarity and usability.

We select technology that’s suited to your needs, so you get all the benefits of a bespoke solution along with seamless integration.

UX plays an important role in the process and we’re continually testing, using data to optimise before, during and after launch.

Consistency is key wherever your customers see you. Our work transitions to mobile, tablet, email, social and beyond.