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Ayima’s enterprise SEO specialists enjoy 360° views of Manhattan as they hone the cutting edge techniques that help our clients stand out. They’re used to dealing in competitive markets and have become highly adept at understanding the small yet crucial changes that have a dramatic effect on traffic and revenue.

We work hard to embed ourselves in our client’s business, forging deep relationships that allow us to uncover innovative ways of integrating Search with Paid Media, Social and Content Marketing to craft the right strategy for every situation.

What we’ve learned from large organisations is also being put into practice at the other end of the market. Startups and established companies from retail, finance and healthcare make up our roster of clients benefiting from our expertise.

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  • We create custom digital solutions
  • We work as an extension of your team
  • Ayima SEO Certification for your teams


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  • Verizon
  • AOL / Oath
  • BFS Capital

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