Senior Management

Mike Jacobson

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Nott

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Webb

Chief Technology Officer

Michelle Dempsey

Chief Finance Officer

UK Team

Nicky Applegarth

Managing Director

Adam King

SEO Director

George Prodromou

Technical SEO Director

Martin Fennon

SEO Director

Brendon Wall

Associate SEO Director

Felicity Ferguson

Senior SEO Consultant

Harry Hjikakou

Senior SEO Consultant

Jonathan Imkeller

Senior SEO Consultant

Shaina Khan

SEO Consultant

Kofi Agyemang

SEO Associate

Gareth Williams

Analytics Director

Thom Loveridge

Analytics Director

Vlad Zamfir

Senior Analytics Consultant

Alexandra Fedulova

Analytics Consultant

Richard Ingilby

Campaign Director

Ben Alwin

Campaign Director

Kayleigh Richardson

Senior Campaign Manager

Jessica Neale

Senior Content Marketing Manager

John Nixon

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Georgie Sykes

Senior Account Manager

Lee Holder

Account Manager

Jay Galsworthy

Head of UX

Dan Smith

Head of Technology

Chris Griffiths

Head of Design

Alex Cohaniuc

Senior Developer

Kieren Chambers

Full Stack Developer

Zenos Pavlakou

Junior Developer

Björn Mannerqvist

Director of Operations (Nordic)

Marie Charpentier

Finance Director

Faith Matsikenyiri

Senior Accountant

Saul Israel

Management Accountant

Paulina Szulc

Finance Assistant

Sarah Fryer

Human Resources Manager

Lucia Pisapia

Office and Events Assistant