Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency

Scale your ecommerce and gain more customers. Build a strategic approach to your digital marketing together with one of London’s specialist ecommerce marketing agencies.

The ecommerce landscape is evolving quickly

New social media platforms, changes within Google search, marketplaces trending, and growing digital competition all provide an opportunity and threat. Our ecommerce agency ensures your customers can access your brand from multiple touch points at different stages of the purchase funnel, continuing to refine the strategy with data and insights to grow your bottom line.

Essential to growing your ecommerce business

Being able to adapt to how and where your audience is discovering your brand, whichever channel that may be through. Ayima’s ecommerce consultants work with some of the world's biggest retailers and start-ups alike, from launching new sites, migrating to Shopify, elevating brands on Amazon, or growing their existing market share. Our range of clients means we know that while there are some problems that all businesses share, each brand needs a unique digital marketing service solution.

Drive Traffic to your Purchase Funnel

New social media platforms, changes within Google search, marketplaces trending and growing digital competition all provide an opportunity and threat to your success. Our ecommerce agency ensures your customers can access your brand from multiple touch points at different stages of the purchase funnel, continuing to refine the strategy with data and insights to grow your bottom line.

Paid Search

Benefit from continuous year-on-year improvements despite ever-increasing competition by working with an ecommerce agency that are first on platform developments, lead with continual strategic enhancements and plan documented, iterative testing.

Paid Social

Growth marketing driven by a performance focussed team, our paid social strategists focus on meaningful interactions to drive qualified new traffic to site, closing the loop with a technical retargeting strategy.

Programmatic Display

keeps your brand ahead of the competition with tactical display ads measured by tried and tested incremental uplift metrics, deploying ads only when a user needs the extra touchpoint to convert.

Organic Traffic

From our experienced ecommerce consultants, designing SEO strategies that optimize your website for search engines & the purchase funnel, in order to increase rankings, qualified traffic, and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion is the result of user motivation.  To motivate, your changes must impact user desires. Discover the hypothesis to test, experiment for the highest ROI and build the results and analysis into customer behaviour growth.


Ecommerce Data Engineering

Our custom solutions offer unique views into the inner working of your website. By working closely with your key stakeholders, our engineers unlock insights through real-time dashboards and software.


Ecommerce SEO

To grow organic traffic to your ecommerce site from a search engine, they must be able to access your site’s content, index it and rank it accordingly. Without an optimized foundation, all the great content built to your site will not give you the full benefit of top keyword rankings, driving incremental traffic and sales.

Our Ecommerce site experts will remove barriers to your performance and provide strategic growth recommendations. Getting shoppers from entry to purchase, regardless of your chosen platform; be it a migration with Shopify or a custom implementation with Demandware. We’ll take the highly technical, and essential, search engine ranking factors and simplify them into actionable next steps.

Once content can be accessed, we’ll provide you with a strategy to reach your target audience at the countless touch points from research to final sale, with a tailored content strategy, ensuring shoppers engage with your brand early and transact from lead-generating content and funnel optimization.

  • Ecommerce Website Audit
  • Site Structure & Facet Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Multi-Regional & Multi-Lingual
  • Speed Performance & User Experience
  • Google My Business for Store and Web Sales

Paid Search for Ecommerce & Retail

A strong Google (and Bing) Shopping strategy has to start with your shopping feed. We develop product feeds from scratch, work with your dev team, or partner with feed management solutions such as Feedonomics or Products Up to provide you with the best feed, no matter your size. The build is only the start - to maximize results our team is constantly testing feed elements, with iterative, measurable and recordable results.

Platform automation is becoming ever more prevalent in campaign management so how do you stay ahead of your competition and achieve the best possible POAS? Our ecommerce experts will ensure you’re sending all the correct high quality signals to Google to maximize your results by building granular audiences, relevant conversion points and the correct bidding strategies.

  • Shopping feed implementation
  • Shopping feed optimization
  • Google Shopping & Bing Shopping campaigns
  • Google Ads and Bing Ads search campaigns
  • Google Display Network campaigns
  • Dynamic remarketing campaigns

Targeted Volume from Paid Social

Paid Social is often an important driver of net new traffic to your site, but done right it can also lead to direct bottom line improvements to revenue. Audiences, creative, objectives and measurement must all be considered to balance growth and returns. We help you tailor creative to each platform with impactful ad units to show up in an inspiring way that feels natural every time, and our robust audience insights ensure each impression is targeted to your potential customers.

Once you have an engaged audience, employing dynamic, shoppable ad formats across platforms (such as dynamic product ads) can bring your storefront to your consumer’s feeds to ease friction on the path to conversion, increasing conversion rates and maximizing scale.

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Spotify
  • Product feed implementation & optimization

Measuring Success of a Multi-Channel ecommerce Digital Marketing Plan

The average consumer needs 2.8 touchpoints across multiple devices before making a purchase. Identifying which of these were valuable can be a minefield, so our experts are trained to interrogate attribution models and show a holistic picture of performance that goes beyond channel-by-channel breakdowns. This approach means we can drive meaningful growth and efficient value at every stage.


Like your strategy, your reporting shouldn't be cookie-cutter and built to directly suit your needs. Ayima's data team assembles exactly that; generating clear and visually appealing metrics from huge amounts of data. We don't just gather this data monthly - it's gathered daily from our custom developed tools that all of our clients have full access to. Visitors & Revenue Competitive Insights & Market Share Industry Trends Purchase Funnel Performance Analysis, Recommendations & Opportunities