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We help you drive growth through Paid Social

What are your goals from paid social? Our team will work with you to build an account that delivers results. We build paid social campaigns that are agile and effective. Our team has vast experience driving tangible action at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Paid Social Services

We can plan, structure and execute your Paid Social strategy.


Our team has experience launching successful campaigns across a range of platforms. We will help you identify which you should invest in. From Facebook Ads and Pinterest to LinkedIn advertising, we target your future customers where they live.

Paid Social Management

We're flexible and scalable. We can work as an extension of your paid social team, or execute your campaigns from the ground up.


Our team has worked in sectors ranging from charities and financial services to ecommerce and FMCG. There is no one-size-fits-all campaign, and we work to understand your business and develop strategies that suit you, and you alone.

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Why Ayima Paid Social?

Get access to a hungry team of Paid Social experts


Data is crucial to paid social success and, uniquely, our team is trained to set up a best-practice tracking infrastructure. That means no barriers to building smarter audience insights and campaign structures which drive results.


Our Paid Media team has an average of over 4.5 years experience. This means you will always be working with an experienced professional who implements a bespoke strategy that works for you.


We work with clients of all sizes. This lets us constantly launch and test strategies that will give you the edge. Direct communication with your team and our agile ethos gives us the speed to get things done quickly.