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On April 4th we held our second MeetUp of the year (they’re becoming more frequent) – the topic for the night was Taxonomy.

There was some tough competition from the Quarter Final matches of the Champions League but still a good turnout and learnings to be had.

Our first speaker for the night was our very own Thom Loveridge – Digital Analytics Consultant from LeapThree. We asked Thom to speak first to give a different insight into Taxonomy as he came from a digital analytics approach. He used animal charts as an example as well client work to touch on a different understanding of the term Taxonomy.

His presentation is attached below:

Next up was Chris Ledger, WorldRemit’s SEO Manager. He has been in his role for just under six months and has been working as an SEO for just under a decade. He has worked for multiple companies – both client side and agency side – along with freelance work. His focus has always been ensuring the websites he works with are as easy to use as possible and provide users with a simple method to find information that’s useful to them.

Chris' presentation was based on how he would explain Taxonomy to his clients using examples directly from WorldRemit.

The slides from his talk are below:

For those that could not make the MeetUp but would like to hear the presentations by Thom & Chris, head to Twitter and follow us on @LeapThree and you will be able to see the recording.

Our next MeetUp will be on May 2nd at WeWork Bishopsgate – the topic for the night will be Digital Analytics Visualisations. For this MeetUp we have decided to add a segment that allows members of the audience to speak about their interpretation of Visualisation, whether it is in a Digital Analytics point of view.

Hope you can join us next time.

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