As an agency driven by technology, we at Ayima are constantly searching for ways to improve our own workflow and the data-centric approach we offer our clients. And for the past two years, we have put a particularly strong focus on all things data; from how it’s stored and accessed, to how it’s reported on and analysed.

The culmination of that research and painstaking work is represented by our latest offering and channel. We’re excited to announce that we now offer Performance Analytics as part of our growing and comprehensive approach to providing our clients with the best digital marketing solutions available.

It’s not about data, it’s about creating insights

Data has been at the core of our work at Ayima since our inception nearly 10 years ago, and it continues to fuel what we do as an agency.

We have accomplished this by putting our brilliant minds to work on data science and analytics in our global offices. And as we continued improving the way we stored and utilised data, we found different and increasingly efficient ways to use everything we gathered.

Of course, simply capturing the raw data doesn’t typically offer much value on its own. By utilising analytical tools, we’re able to gain powerful insights from the increasing amount of data that is now available to us.

What does this mean for digital marketing?

Our data team can perform various types of analysis for purposes of any complexity. This level of analysis has never been more important for our Digital Marketing team, particularly given the numerous advancements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the last few years alone.

Namely, this allows for three levels of analysis:

  • Business Intelligence – The use of data mining and visualisation to give insight into “what has happened?”
  • Predictive Modelling – The use of statistical models and forecasting techniques to give insight on the most probabilistic future scenarios, as in “what could happen?”
  • Performance Optimisation – The use of optimisation and simulation algorithms to give guidance on “what should be done?”

It’s through this comprehensive approach that we can better meet the goals set by our team and our diverse set of clients.

It’s also through this process that we have developed Ayima Query, the latest tool in our ever-expanding kit that we are excited to introduce today.

Meet Query, our new analytics and data platform

Ayima Query is our brand-new performance analytics and data platform. Essentially, it is an analytics and business intelligence tool driven by proprietary ETL (extract, transform, load) functions. It connects to external marketing APIs, internal sources or third-party databases, among them:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, DBM and AdWords
  • Majestic
  • DoubleClick
  • Bing Ads

Upon pulling data from those sources, Query integrates all of it into a single data warehouse for easy access and advanced reporting, data from hundreds of tasks that are executed daily is being imported into our highly scalable aws redshift cluster

Query’s computing layer is highly scalable, resulting in the ability to perform a myriad of transform operations such as transposing, pivoting, splitting, aggregating and joining. All of this information is compiled within an easy-to-use interface that allows us to quickly set up real-time dashboards to display the data from hundreds of tasks being executed daily. The data is then imported into our highly scalable cluster on Amazon Redshift, which provides incredibly fast and secure data warehousing.

What does this mean for digital marketers?

Query provides our teams with a more streamlined approach to digesting and reporting on data. By utilising the data collected by Query, we’re now able to automate and optimise the reporting process. As a result, no longer do we have to spend hours performing the same repetitive spreadsheet tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Instead, we focus our efforts on more important client tasks.

If you want to learn more about how your business can benefit from working with our analytics solution, please get in touch.

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