We started Ayima in 2007, as a specialist Search Engine Optimisation consultancy, for competitive and ROI focussed business verticals. Ayima quickly expanded as a company without outside investment, now working from six global offices, with a team of over 100 people.

Ayima today has the pleasure of announcing its acquisition of the digital marketing agency, QuickThink Media (QTM) - specialists in social media, retargeting and display advertising. QTM was a subsidiary of Gaming Realms Plc, trading on the London Stock Exchange and the creator of real-time mobile money games. Itself an Ayima client, Gaming Realms has had a close relationship with Ayima in other marketing channels for several years and has seen significant gains in the mobile gaming market.

Ayima QTM Team
Ayima London Team

QuickThink started out in 2008, developing industry leading paid social and display advertising solutions to capitalise on audience reach, through Facebook and Twitter. The QTM team have achieved unprecedented results for their clients, making this a perfect addition to our cutting-edge SEO, Content Marketing and PPC offering. We’ve always been impressed with the knowledge and analytical abilities they’ve demonstrated and are extremely excited to welcome them to Ayima’s consulting team and London office.

Diversifying the range of services that Ayima provides, enables us to fulfil the ever-expanding needs of our existing client base, as well as entering new industries, where targeted advertising is key to commercial success.

Ayima is experiencing huge growth in 2016. Prior to the acquisition of QTM, we were already projecting a 50% revenue increase for the year and had significantly increased the headcount in Raleigh, New York, Vancouver and our new London headquarters.

With the wealth of expertise now bigger than ever and new businesses joining the client roster, the need to add to this talent pool is set to continue unabated. The acquisition brings an immediate injection of great digital talent, and a fresh opportunity for us to provide businesses with an innovative digital marketing approach, that cuts to the heart of where their customers are online.

Alan Frankton from QuickThink Media comments: “The whole QuickThink team is really excited to be joining Ayima. Much like Ayima were front-runners on the SEO scene, QuickThink got their foot in the door early with Paid Social and Programmatic display - and by combining our expertise in these areas, with Ayima's vast experience in SEO, Paid Search and Content, we are able to offer a really powerful full service solution to clients.”

Below is Alan's Ayima Insights session, that demonstrates QTM's approach to their work.

With Ayima being a technology led company, the business plans to invest heavily in expanding our data platform to support Paid Social campaign management and insights. A cross-channel marketing data analytics suite is already at the beta testing stage, which will now include Paid Social alongside Analytics, Display, SEO, PPC and Retargeting.

Official Stock Market Announcement: http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/GMR/12842974.html

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