At one time in your life you have probably had an idea for a product that would make your working day a little easier.

Well that’s how Appotate began.

The idea was simple; wouldn’t it be great to be able to give visual feedback on designs at any stage of a project, from early sketches all the way to live web pages.

As with any great idea, someone had already had this same thought, but every tool we tried seemed to be lacking in some way. Ether they were limited to static images or required plugins to get them to work with your site.

So we decided to build our own, and Appotate was born.

As you’ve no doubt guessed from the name, it’s a web based ‘app’ that lets you ‘annotate’ designs or pages with visual feedback. We’ve deployed it across all our creative projects and it’s improved efficiency immeasurably, letting us tweak designs, test bugs and refine copy, all from a single platform.

After a rigorous beta phase where we’ve overcome hurdles around scalability and handling responsive frameworks, Appotate is now ready to be released into the wild.

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