Each year, searches for iPhone terms reach 7 digit figures, with the iPhone 6 reaching 9,140,000 searches in September 2014 and the iPhone 7 reaching 6,120,000 searches in September 2016. The iPhone is one of the highest searched for keywords. With companies spending millions of pounds in paid advertising to capture the surge in traffic and demand for the latest iPhone, searches for this year's launch of the iPhone 8 are expected to be the highest yet.

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Ranking within the top 5 for iPhone 8 is more competitive than ever, to say the least, and Apple's restrictions make being at the top more difficult than before.

To help ensure you're in that #1 spot and rank as quickly as possible, this whitepaper will uncover the full SEO strategy to get you there. Including:

  • Ranking for flagship handsets such as iPhone 8 in the highly-competitive telecoms market
  • How the search results dramatically change from September (launch month) to October.
  • Full SEO Strategy
    • Comprehensive product page optimisation
    • Supporting iPhone related pages
    • Supporting iPhone related blog articles
  • How to amend your strategy for discontinued iPhone handsets
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iPhone 8/X SEO Strategy

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