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Abigail tweet referring to Google Analytics being bad

This is a tweet from Abigail Harrison, the MD of the specialist PR agency thebluedoor during a session at GeeknRolla.  It was flagged up to me by a friend in common (via Twitter) as something I would disagree with.  But I find myself unable to disagree with the sentiment that Abigail is expressing.

Business owners and managers don’t need lots of data.  They need insights, intelligence and recommendations.  They don’t need to be spending time navigating through Google Analytics reports (or those from any other web analytics tool).  They need to be told what they need to know in order to make the decisions they need to make.

It isn't Google Analytics that is bad, it is too much data that is bad.  The solution is to let someone else who is a specialist in that field do the heavy lifting for you.  Either by setting up dashboards within Google Analytics or in Excel so you immediately get the key numbers you need or by interpreting the data for you.

Google Analytics is great because it captures so much data.  It’s just that not everyone needs to be exposed to all of it.

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