Transforming data into profit

Data is more than just a buzzword to our team. When transformed into insights and actions, data can change the way your business reaches its audience. Measuring the impact and effectiveness of your media spend and wider marketing initiatives is the only way to prove and understand the value of your activity. To understand and connect with your customers in the right way, at the right time, via the right channel, you have to understand your audience and the science behind their behaviour.


Generate deeper insights to develop better decision making

Data confidence

To use data, you need to have confidence that the data is accurate. Ayima ensures that your data is accurate, comprehensive and can be used to inform your decisions while having a big impact on your commercial bottom line.

Relevant insights

Data trapped in tools is of no value to the business. We develop easy to use and relevant reporting that exposes the information you need. We'll train you not just in how to use tools, but in how to interpret your data and make it work for you.

Early value

Data is nice to have but insights add value. We interpret and transform data into insights that you can use to inform the decisions you're making and the actions you're taking. Smarter decisions mean better business results.


We're fluent in both Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud

Analytics is no longer simply about measurement; it's about making informed decisions using quality data. We'll help you understand how hard your marketing is working for you through a mix of performance and commercial reporting, customer behaviour analysis and modelling, and in-depth funnel optimisation.

Close-collaboration and deep insight deliver data confidence

Mature and meaningful data

It is a marathon to data maturity, not a sprint – we map out the small steps necessary and don’t jump ahead before you are ready. There is purpose in our planning, and we take a long-term view from day one.

Practical solutions

For Analytics to be a success, it must be usable by the non-analysts of the organisation – the people who make decisions and take actions. We'll work with you to ensure your analytics is navigable and meaningful.

Continual improvement

We continually evolve our approach throughout our client relationships - we are a specialist consultancy who place importance on growing with you throughout your data and analytics journey