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Transforming data into profit

The right decisions start by working with solid data. Our web analytics team are specialists in transforming your marketing data into usable ammunition, whether it be from Google Analytics, Facebook, web traffic or even 1st party data sources. Web analytics is about turning your data into insights, and those insights into revenue.

Web Analytics Services

We can help you solve your web analytics challenges

Web Analytics Audits

We'll audit your Google Analytics or Adobe set-up from the ground up to ensure utmost accuracy. We interrogate the data as it passes from the site, to the data layer, through to your tagging set up, and finally within your web analytics platform.

Web Analytics Consulting

Make our expert team your go-to, independent, web analytics source of truth. Our retainers are flexible and allow us to focus on the core data and reporting challenges that matter to you, whatever they are.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We read everything as a user would, and channel their journey through to conversion. From straightening bottlenecks to pinpointing new opportunities, we work with our clients to grow their returns from existing traffic.

Do you want a trusted Analytics partner?

We work together with our clients to optimise their site to hit their goals. Every brief is different. Tell us what you're looking to achieve and we'll see how we can help.

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Why Ayima Web Analytics?

Close-collaboration and data confidence

Data confidence

To use data, you need to have confidence that the data is correct. Ayima ensures that your data is accurate, comprehensive and can be used to inform your decisions while having a big impact on your commercial bottom line.

Insights that matter

Data trapped in tools is of no value to the business. We develop easy-to-use and relevant reporting that shines a light on the information you need. It's all-importantly usable and empowering to non-analysts and decision-makers.

Trusted Partners

Our web analytics team has an average 13 years of web analytics experience. We will draw up a roadmap that fits your company, wherever you are on the journey to data maturity.