Getting Started with Google’s Page Speed API

Heather Armstrong /

Page speed is one of the biggest indicators of how long someone will spend on your site. Slow loading pages can lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and hence, lower revenue. To get some insight into whether load times may be affecting your… Read More

How SEO Data Informs Offline Strategy

Sean Basler /

Analyzing the relationship between online and offline channels While it’s common to analyze all digital cross-channel activity, the link between offline activity and your SEO efforts is often forgotten. But why is it so important to include all channels… Read More

How to Visualize an XML Sitemap Using Python

Alex Galea /

There are many reasons to examine an XML sitemap. For an SEO or analyst it can provide a means of quickly understanding a client’s site structure. From a technical perspective, it can be compared with a site crawl to discover excluded pages. Furthermore, mobile and… Read More