Visualising Google Ranking Changes as They Happen

Developed by our data and Search specialists, Ayima Pulse provides unprecedented market insight to help you adjust your SEO strategy.

This unique tool tracks over 50,000 keywords in ten sectors, showing fluctuations over a 30 day period by vertical. Take a look at the latest share of voice leaderboards.

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Making Design Approval Simple

Appotate lets designers, developers, editors and their clients comment on live websites. This collaboration helps them reach the right decisions faster.

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Redirect Path

Discover Unseen Redirect Issues

Redirect Path is our free Google Chrome extension, downloaded by over 40,000 users. An article from stated “Hands down, no question, this is the extension that I use the most.”

Issues with 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP status codes are highlighted at the click of a button.

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Ayima Academy

Imparting Our Extensive Expertise

Ayima Academy is a training programme that helps big businesses get a better understanding of SEO. Courses can be delivered as a one-off or integrated into existing career development plans.

Sessions are led by our our team of experts, and customised so they’re relevant to both your industry and the needs of those attending.

“Ayima SEO Certification training was one of the best provided to our group. Attendees across the board provided feedback that the training was relevant, timely and could be immediately applied to their job.” — Manager of Change Management & Training, Verizon Wireless

Content Strategy Course

Ayima Academy presents a free eCourse

Get a clear view of how to see more tangible benefits from your content and increase interaction with your users.

The Ayima Reporting Tool

One of our core philosophies is transparency - it allows us to build better relationships with our clients by keeping them up-to-date with the impact of our actions.

ART is pivotal in this. Our clients get access to a customisible dashboard that provides essential market intelligence. We identify their competitive traffic share, and then put strategies in place to improve it.

Industry Report

SEO - Travel Industry Review

For over 12 months now, Ayima has been monitoring and analyzing data from the Travel Industry and specifically in the Hotel and Flights verticals within the space. To provide greater insight and to highlight further trends we've also been comparing performance of major brands in the US and the UK.

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Technical Report

SEO for Endeca & Oracle Commerce

In the world of omni-channel retailing where customers are treated to a seamless experience, irrespective of whether they walk into a store, click on an email or visit your website on their laptop or smartphone, the underlying applications are critical to success.

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