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Google continued to dominate the news cycle this past September, thanks in part to their big Search On ‘21 event. There’s a lot to unpack from that event alone, including big changes to search coming in the near future (you can thank MUM for that). We also have some great advice related to the importance of quick wins, as well as several bits of Ayima news to share.

Keep reading to learn all about these stories, and more, in our September 2021 digital roundup.

SEO stories

Google host the Search On ‘21 event

In late September, Google launched the Search On ‘21 event to discuss the latest innovations made to Google Search. This included a look at their most advanced AI yet (MUM), how they’re working to improve Google Shopping, and plans to help users better understand search results. You can catch up on the event and watch a recap at the Search On ‘21 hub.

Google to redesign search with MUM

That MUM we just talked about? Google have major plans for the AI, including a complete redesign of how Search works for users. In short, it will make search a much more visual experience, and this will happen across three key changes.

  1. Things to Know: Finds and highlights information that’s relevant to your search. 
  2. Topic Zoom: Allows the user to get as granular or broad with a topic as they wish.
  3. Visual Exploration: A much more visual approach to explore search queries (depending on the topic).

If you’d like to learn more, you can read a full rundown of MUM at SearchEngineJournal.

Paid media stories

Google removing Expanded Text Ads in 2022

Mark your calendars because Google is getting rid of Expanded Text Ads as of 30th June 2022. From that point forward, the only Search ad type available to advertisers will be the Responsive Search Ad. According to Google, advertisers have reported higher conversion rates (7% increase) with Responsive compared to Expanded. Plus, the company says this will make it easier for advertisers to create ads and “drive performance with our automated tools.” 

Discussion around MMMs is heating up

The Marketing Mix Model (MMM) is dominating the conversation lately, and it’s easy to understand why as we face constant changes, particularly in relation to user privacy. With MMM, we can use data and statistics to not just understand the past but to better predict what may happen in the future. This makes it crucial for everything from forecasts to getting insights on a recent campaign. You can learn more about how MMMs work at InfoTrust.

Digital analytics stories

Google introduce data-driven attribution model as the default

According to Google, the future of attribution is data-driven. The company is driving that point home by making their data-driven attribution model the default option in Google Ads. Vidhya Srinivasan (VP/GM Buying, Analytics and Measurement, Google Ads) wrote that the model leverages machine learning to more accurately understand how an ad leads to a conversion, all without infringing on user privacy. Want to know more? Head over to Google’s Ads & Commerce blog.

The value of focusing on quick wins

Want to start building momentum for your data-based initiatives? Analytics expert Brent Dykes (for Forbes) makes the argument that you should start with quick wins. By showing these initial positive results, he says that it’s easier to start making changes to a company’s digital marketing strategies, which he adds is often slow to happen. “Quick wins ... can fuel continued focus, interest, and commitment to completing a larger data initiative,” Dykes says. You can read more (and get some examples of quick wins) at Forbes.

Ayima news

We wanted to take a moment to remind you about the launch of Ayima Insights Club. You can learn more about Insights Club and sign up today to get free, personalised news and tools tailored to your specific interests.

We also wanted to give a shout out to our “wear it pink” initiative on Friday, 22nd October. In addition to wearing pink to support Breast Cancer Now, we planned some fundraising activities for our staff that day.

Ayima will be ‘wearing it pink’ on Friday 22nd October to support Breast Cancer Now, and have some fundraising activities planned for our staff members on the day!

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