We’ve produced our PPC budget calculator template as a free tool to help you estimate your PPC budgets. You can use this as a cost estimator to plan your future PPC spends.

We’ve also written a full guide on how to calculate budgets for PPC. You should use this alongside our template to walk you through the PPC budgeting process. 

PPC budget calculator

You can get access to our free PPC budget calculator tool below.

This tool forms part of the bank of free tools and templates that we provide to members of the Ayima Insights Club. 

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Screenshot of PPC budget calculator

If you are looking for something to help with your broader planning, we’ve also produced a digital marketing strategy template.

Setting up the PPC budget calculator

Our PPC budget calculator contains six tabs:

  1. Instructions - How to set up the PPC budget template
  2. General settings - This is a space to plug in your overall numbers, like cost-per-clicks and conversion rates
  3. Seasonality settings - This helps you to plan your budget by month
  4. Budget for specific target goals - This applies if you need to base your budget on a certain target KPI. For example, if you have a maximum capacity for number of leads per month
  5. Outputs - Budgets - When finished, this will show your total budget
  6. Outputs - Charts - Provides charts to help you illustrate your budget

There are short instructions for how to set up your PPC budget tool within the first tab.

You can set the PPC budget calculator up with or without historical performance data.

For more complete instructions on how to budget for different scenarios, you can find a full guide here.

Outputs of our PPC budget estimator

Key outputs of our PPC budget estimator include

  • Spends and returns by month
  • Total forecasted spends and returns
  • Topline stats on key metrics, such as predicted Return on Investment and Cost per Acquisition
  • Charts to help you visualize and communicate your budget to others

If you provide monthly returns, the tool will also automatically optimize your budget towards peak periods of performance.

PPC budget template

You can find and copy the PPC budget calculator template here.

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