It’s been more than 7 months since the acquisition of LeapThree by Ayima and the integration is nearing its end. The LeapThree website has been replaced by a single page directing visitors to the Ayima website and now the LeapThree posts have been migrated across to a new home on the Ayima blog. We will use the Ayima name and branding going forward, and we just need to finalise a switchover in email addresses.

The process of reviewing blog posts was a bit sentimental – the first post was written back in Nov 2008. That was on an old Aussie Web Analyst domain, which was then moved to L3 Analytics and then to LeapThree. I still remember the thrill back in the day when the great Avinash commented on one of my early posts.

Not all posts survived the journey as some were only relevant at the time of posting and some were outdated analytics ideas. Others, despite being a bit old, are still quality ideas (in my opinion) and I’m proud to have written them and promote them now. I used this post on identifying which retail products need to be reviewed and which should be promoted only last week in a tweet responding to an ecommerce question, for example.

Writing has sadly slowed down for me in the past few years – only 10 of the 100 posts I reviewed were created in the years since 2016. The claim has been made more than once, but this time I mean it when I say that I will start sharing my ideas again, as will other members of the Ayima Analytics team.

I also intend to get up to date with sharing the presentation decks from all my talks over the past few years. Just publishing those, including commentary, will add some interesting content. One of these decks contains 25 tips, so a blog post on each will keep me busy for a while. Several of the old posts need updating with the most recent approaches/use cases and I have many new ideas to share, so I am really hoping that I get enough free time to get my ideas down on paper.

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