May 2020 Digital Roundup

May was a big month for our industry, with Google’s core algorithm update topping the digital marketing news headlines. Along with that, we’ve put together all the top stories from last month, with helpful tips from industry experts, additional news from Google, and much more!  

SEO stories

Google releases core algorithm update

After previously releasing a major core algorithm update back in January, Google rolled out a second one in early May. This big and broad algorithm update affected a number of industries with travel, real estate, health, pets and animals, and people and society being the most impacted, according to Search Engine Land.

Given that this is a core algorithm update, it will likely include additional tweaks to a number of different quality factors. We’ll keep you updated as any more news stems from this story in our next roundup.

Google adding user experience to future algorithms

Google’s big May continued through the end of the month with the announcement that the company will add a new metric to its ranking algorithm in 2021. These metrics aim to judge web pages based on perceived user experience and will initially focus on loading (largest contentful paint), interactivity (first input delay), and visual stability (cumulative layout shift).

As Google noted in a blog post, the company is well aware that many webmasters are still focused on responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Google will give at least six months' notice for when they plan to implement UX into a core algorithm update.

Paid media stories

Google offers insight into changing consumer behaviour during pandemic

Experts across the industry (including us at Ayima) have provided their insights into how consumer behaviour has shifted and changed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. And in late May, Google offered theirs, and it’s fair to say they’re basing this on a lot of data.

In a lengthy blog post, the search giant provided loads of information related to user behaviour, such as the fact that people are using more devices than ever to access the internet and that they’re practicing more at-home care as well. Want to get the full rundown? Read the post at Google.

How data science can help PPC performance

To help his fellow digital marketers better understand how data science can improve PPC performance, Luke Davis put together a guide for PPC Hero filled with information. In addition to a breakdown of the basics of data science (including tools, terminology, and techniques), there are four practical applications that paid media folks can start using.

Interested in learning more and perhaps implementing big data into your next campaign? Head over to PPC Hero and read Luke’s guide.

Digital analytics stories

Simo’s guide for how to measure A/B test flicker impact

Google’s Simo Ahava is back with another helpful bit of information for digital marketers, this time providing a guide for measuring the impact of A/B test flickering. In addition to breaking down exactly what flickering is and why it’s an issue, he also details how you can collect the data necessary to measure the aforementioned impact.

Without a doubt, this is a super-interesting piece to assess, and those who want to do it for themselves can read Simo’s guide at his website. He also published a follow-up article for the extra-curious.

50 helpful tips for digital analysts and marketers

Whether you’re new to analytics and a veteran of the industry, you’re bound to find at least a few helpful tips in a LinkedIn post from Tim Wilson, a Senior Analytics Director with Search Discovery. He refers to his article as “50 Things I Believe About Analytics,” but it’s really more of a list of ways that analysts and marketers alike can get more out of what they do.

There’s really not much else to say about Wilson’s post other than you should go read it for yourself. Who knows, you may learn a thing or two—or 50!

Ayima news

Did you hear about our win at The Drum’s Search Awards 2020? We took home the award for Best Search Campaign - Not For Profit for our work with the British Red Cross. And beyond that trophy pull, we also wrote some blog posts and contributed to an industry roundup.

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