We have a lot to cover in this month’s digital roundup from across the marketing landscape. In particular, Google continues to dominate the discussion with major stories in SEO, paid media, and digital analytics. From an unnamed algorithm update to some highly intriguing TikTok changes, these are our picks for the top digital marketing stories of March 2022.

SEO stories

Google experimenting with showing short-form video in SERPs more often

As Google continues to experiment with its search results pages, the latest change may be the inclusion of short-form videos. That’s according to Search Engine Journal’s Matt G. Southern, who heard the news on the Search Off The Record podcast. In an episode in March, several Google employees discussed how short-form videos (including TikTok clips, because they’re crawlable) could provide more options for people to get the information they need. We’ll see if and when this SERP change takes hold, and you can read the full story at SEJ.

Did Google launch an unnamed algorithm update this month?

As if the Page Experience update wasn’t enough, it’s now rumored that Google launched a currently untitled algorithm update in March, too. According to Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz, Google says nothing outside the realm of the usual is going on, but SEOs around the industry noticed some significant changes. Schwartz pointed out some shifts and volatility, too, and you can read his full take at SER.

Paid media stories

TikTok launches beta for search ads, extends max video length

TikTok is now serving ads within its search results as part of a beta program, as noted by David Herrmann, of paid media agency Herrmann Digital (via Search Engine Land). The video ads appear with a clear “sponsored” label and sit above the “Others search for” section of the TikTok SERP. According to Herrmann, advertisers can only do placements, which means no keyword targeting yet. SEL is working on gathering more info about this news, and you can read their article for more info.

Speaking of TikTok, users can now upload videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes—a massive jump from the previous max of three minutes.

Pinterest launches in-app checkout for some US retailers

As a benefit to both users and marketers, Pinterest is providing in-app checkout options for certain Shopify retailers in the States. If all goes according to plan, more retailers will have access to this feature throughout the rest of 2022. As noted by Search Engine Land’s George Nguyen, this helps to reduce the friction for users who may want to buy an item immediately through Pinterest, rather than need to click through several more sites or platforms to make a purchase. You can get the full story at SEL.

Digital analytics stories

Google announces Universal Analytics (GA3) sunset date

Google has officially announced the sunset date for Universal Analytics (GA3), and this is the date Google will stop accepting new data. The dates are July 1, 2023 for standard accounts and October 1, 2023 for 360 accounts. This is big news not only for our clients but also anyone who will need to migrate to another analytics platform—most likely Google Analytics 4. You can learn more at the Google Marketing Platform blog.

Google launches GA4 and 360 Search Ads integration

Given the above news, it came as no surprise when Google launched an integration between GA4 and 360 Search Ads. This integration allows you to share necessary data between the two platforms, and it has several benefits as outlined by Search Engine Journal’s Brooke Osmundson, especially the “ability to report on cross-channel metrics.” For more info, check out the full article.

Ayima news

We also have a bit of news to share with you from the Ayima team.

Upcoming speaking engagements

We’re very excited to remind you all that we have some upcoming speaking engagements to mark on your calendar for April:

  • Paola Didonè (Senior SEO Consultant) and Rich Ingilby (Client Growth Manager) will both speak at brightonSEO in April 2022. You can view the schedule for more info.

Ayima Insights articles

Here’s what we published in March 2022:

  • A Guide to Testing PPC Ad Copy: Client Growth Manager Richard Ingilby provides a thorough outline for how to test PPC ad copy, including 10 tips to do it properly.

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