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Spring has certainly sprung, warmer weather is on its way, and the digital marketing landscape continues to bring on new and interesting stories. Google once again claimed most of the headlines this past March—as the company seems to do every month—with stories related to E-A-T guidelines, new ads for hotel companies, and a shiny new feature for Google Analytics. Plus, we have some food for thought about what the future of marketing may hold.

You can read all about those stories and more in our March 2021 digital roundup.

SEO stories

Google’s John Mueller stresses importance of E-A-T guidelines for YMYL websites

According to Google’s John Mueller, any website in the “Your Money Your Life” (YMYL) category should focus on publishing content that adheres to the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) guidelines. YMYL is defined as sites in the health and finance industries, where the content should be “really high quality” and “put together by people who understand what they’re doing.” You can learn more about this info drop from Mueller at Search Engine Journal. And if you want to learn more about E-A-T and how it may impact your site, you can reach out to our team at Ayima.

Google reveal technical SEO best practices for ecommerce websites

If you or a client runs an ecommerce website, chances are you’ll want to dig into this new video from Google about “how to get your products into search.” The informative clip is presented by Alan Kent, developer advocate at Google, who outlines the best ways in which you can provide Google with accurate data about your products. There are benefits to doing so, of course, including potentially gaining more traffic from Google. You can learn more in SEJ’s article.

Paid media stories

Google launch “property promotion” ads globally

Google’s “property promotions” ads have gone global, allowing advertisers to reach users who haven’t quite decided on which hotel they want to book. With these ads, partners can display their pricing and availability at the top of the SERPs as well as in Google Maps. The company is experimenting with other “surfaces” for advertisers to use, too, so keep an eye out for that. Want to know more? Check out Google’s post.

Facebook introduce Dynamic Ads for Streaming

Facebook’s latest ad solution is Dynamic Ads for Streaming, which helps advertisers showcase their video streaming service’s content library to relevant audiences. For instance, if a user sees an ad for a particular service in their feed, they can swipe through it to see titles based on their previous Facebook and Instagram interests. The end result is a more personalised experience for the user, while the service gets to showcase more of its offerings. Check out Facebook’s announcement for more info.

Digital analytics stories

New data upload feature for Google Analytics 4

In what some are calling a “workflow” boon for digital marketers, Google Analytics 4 now allows you to import/upload data into the platform. This change provides an easy and convenient way to better visualise data, especially when it comes to comparing it to other sources. There are some caveats to keep in mind—you’re limited to 24 daily uploads, for example—but the positives here definitely outweigh the minor quirks. You can find out more about this GA update (and how to use it) at CMS Wire.

Digital marketing moving back to marketing’s roots?

In the face of the death of the cookie, digital marketing may just be returning to the roots of marketing. That is, we’ll all start focusing on audiences again, instead of individual users, while developing strategies that both build trust and drive performance. At least, that’s the position presented in a new article from Rico Rosa, a customer success manager at Permutive. It’s a really interesting argument, and one you can read for yourself at Marketing Dive.

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