Let’s cut to the chase: the June digital marketing news cycle was dominated by the latest Google core algorithm update—and rightfully so. Google dropped this right at the end of the previous month, and right before a holiday in the States. Questionable timing aside, it’s clear that there were some winners and losers with this update, as usual, and we dig into this story and a whole lot more in our June 2022 digital roundup.

SEO stories

Google core algorithm update completes in early June

As we reported in May, Google rolled out a core algorithm update that was expected to finish within two weeks—and it basically did! The update finished June 9 (technically 15 days after it started), and it was a volatile one for sure. As noted by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable, June 5 was the peak for volatility, and he pulled together tons of chatter amongst SEOs across various industries. Be sure to head to SER to read them.

Google regularly updates its algorithm. If your site has been negatively impacted by this or any other update, contact us to learn how we can help.

Google Search Console reports now show invalid or valid classifications

To make it easier for users to identify critical issues in Google Search Console (GSC), the search company updated the platform to include “invalid” and “valid” classifications within five GSC reports. As noted in a Search Central announcement, “pages or items with critical issues are labeled something like invalid; pages or items without critical issues are labeled something like valid.” This change will appear in reports for Core Web Vitals, Mobile Usability, AMP, Rich results, and URL Inspection.

Want to know more? Check out Google’s full explanation.

Paid media stories

Google demystifies recent changes to match types and more in must-read 

Google’s latest Ads guide, Unlock the Power of Search 2022, is an absolute must-read, according to our own Head of Paid Media, Lucy Whittaker. The piece helps to demystify the recent changes to match types and so much more, and apparently it helped even the most skeptical among us warm up to some of the new changes. Lucy also said that it “sparked some really interesting team conversations around new tests, best practices, and optimizations.” What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

TikTok continues to grow its advertising offering

Social media giant TikTok has expanded its advertising offering, both within the platform itself and by building new partnerships with key commerce platforms. As reported by MarTech, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is now integrated with TikTok, which joins rival social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. This integration will make the barrier to entry lower for those looking to advertise on TikTok, expanding the possibilities for marketers looking to capture a new audience.

Digital analytics stories

Italian data watchdog group declares GA data transfer policy illegal

In April, we reported on the news that a French data watchdog group deemed Google Analytics (GA) illegal. In that writeup, we discussed the perceived domino effect for other European Union (EU) countries.

Well, another domino fell this past month after Italy’s watchdog group declared GA illegal. The reasoning is based on GA’s data transfer policy, where data is sent to the U.S. and provides access to U.S. Security Services. The group then laid down a 90-day deadline for these transfers to comply with GDPR. We’ll let you know if another country makes the same findings.

Adobe Analytics expands to include more digital touch points

Adobe announced a new set of services designed to bring a greater number of digital touch points into its Adobe Analytics platform, including streaming services, the metaverse, and voice assistant. Additionally, the company has streamlined the way users can integrate their data from other platforms in Adobe Analytics “while preserving historical compliance with regulations such as Global Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act.” If you’re thinking about switching from GA, these updates may entice you to move over to Adobe Analytics.

Ayima news

We don’t have any specific Ayima news to share this month, but we do have a new article that's ideal for ecommerce and Google/Facebook ads users.

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