With the SEO landscape constantly changing, it can be difficult for Search marketers to follow Google’s updates and their impact on each site. In 2014, there were numerous updates spread throughout the year, with more Panda updates than you can count on one hand. Tomorrow, Google’s latest update will go live, changing the reward structure for mobile-optimized sites and mobile search results. This is the biggest update of the year, and we anticipate significant fluctuations in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) within each industry.

This is why we’re proud to introduce our latest free tool for marketers, Ayima Pulse, which provides market insight to help you adjust your SEO strategy based on any and all algorithm changes and fluctuations in real-time.

Introducing Ayima Pulse


Ayima Pulse tracks over 54,000 hand-picked, non-branded keywords in 10 unique industries across the UK & US - more than any other equivalent free tool on the market. This provides unprecedented insight into when shifts occur in Google’s algorithm by industry, and the sites affected. We’re currently showing fluctuations from the past 30 days in the following industries:

  • Telecoms
  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • Insurance
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Gambling
  • Automotive

We also have an “All keywords” view that combines all the industry reports into a single view of Google’s fluctuations.

Whilst major Panda, Penguin, and mobile updates garner the coverage to alert marketers of changes within the SERPs, day-to-day fluctuations go unpublicised. In turn, attributing a drop in traffic and possibly conversions becomes problematic. Crucially, these unannounced changes may only affect the industry in which YOU operate. Pulse offers a solution to this problem by offering industry focused tracking that’s updated daily.

How Pulse Works

  1. At midnight each day, we take Google’s top 100 organic search results for the most popular non-branded keywords relevant to our top 10 industries and add them to our database
  2. Site ranking changes are assessed against those from the previous day, proportionately weighting the significance of each move.
  3. Ayima Pulse plots the difference on a sliding volatility scale of 0-100, updating graphs for the whole market and individual industries.

Pulse’s Key Features

Pulse tracks changes in Google’s algorithm in the UK and US, across both desktop and mobile. With the Mobile update tomorrow (21st April), we’re excited to see the impact this update will have within mobile SERPs compared to desktop SERPs. That’s why we made sure to include a “Combined” view to display volatility between the two platforms.

We are at the start of the Pulse journey and more sectors and features are coming soon. If there’s a specific sector in which you operate and would like to see in Pulse, or if you’d like to be the first to know about future Pulse releases, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

How Can Pulse Help Marketers?

Very simply, the more ranking fluctuations we see, the higher the volatility rating. Selecting an industry displays the volatility for that sector along with the top 10 highest ranked sites (assessed across relevant keywords).

If you want to see a site’s visibility trend line and percentage share of voice, just select a site from the top 10 or top 100 list. Or if you want to see how you stack up against the competition, you can select up to 5 sites to compare. Plot lines will display the trend against the volatility of that industry.

Sites displaying an increase in visibility on a highly volatile day have been positively affected by changes in the SERPs. Likewise, those displaying reduced visibility would have been adversely affected.

Pulse Travel Volatility

Who Needs Pulse?

With Google changing their algorithm more often than ever, our goal is to give in-house and agency marketers unparalleled insight into why their position in the organic search space has either increased or decreased.

Anyone’s welcome—whether you’re an SEO, PPC, or Digital Marketer who has an interest in how your site or a competitor’s site performs in Google’s SERPs. Or if you just need a reason why your site’s traffic and visibility has increased/decreased, Ayima Pulse provides market insight to help you adjust your SEO strategy.

We’re live now and would love to hear what you think. New updates will be coming over the next quarter, so feel free to send me an email if you’d like to see some specific changes or new industries added- [email protected]

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