Our free Excel template for creating Performance Dashboards has been downloaded over 10,000 times and trusted by small and large companies around the world. 

Given this success, we created two more Excel dashboard templates, on marketing performance and ecommerce analytics. These include many of the same features:

  • Automatic creation of dashboards based on the settings configured
  • Choice between a dashboard with or without segments
  • Ability to create a daily, weekly and monthly version of the dashboard
  • Define your own metrics including the number format and desired direction
  • Automatic updating of dashboard once data entered into Data Summary worksheet
  • Select the comparison period for metrics and the level for large movements in the metric
  • Any metric can be selected in a drop-down to appear in charts
  • Dashboards work in all versions of Excel except Excel ’04 for Macs

Plus there are lots of new features, designed to suit your needs. Great for web analytics data and much more.

What should be on a marketing dashboard?

A good marketing dashboard should contain:

  • A breakdown of the key metrics by campaign
  • Clear, topline information that can be gathered from the first glance
  • Interactive filters and segments, with the ability to dive in further where needed
  • Clearly defined traffic sources
  • Clear tracking of your core metrics

The best dashboards are designed around the user. Consider having different reports or views for different stakeholders. Ask yourself the key things you would need to know if you were in their position.

The exact dashboard will differ by every company, but our free template will be a good place for you to start.

Marketing Dashboard Template

The main feature is a single data table that contains up to six metrics for each list of traffic sources – including “Other” and “Total”. Other features include:

  • The % change against a previous period for each metric
  • Column chart allowing comparison of a KPI across all traffic sources
  • Line chart displaying trend for selected KPI for selected traffic source
Screenshot of Marketing Dashboard

How to build your marketing dashboard

To set up your marketing dashboard, follow the link at the bottom of this post. This will direct you to an excel template.

There are instructions on the template, and a setup tab to input your chosen metrics and traffic sources. 

Once you’re finished, simply click the “Set-up Dashboard” button to populate the dashboard using macros.

Setting up a marketing dashboard

Custom Marketing Dashboards

Ayima Analytics has many years of experience creating marketing dashboards for every purpose. 

All of the basics are contained within this starter template. For example, the style, the formulas and macros. So if you have someone in-house who is good with design and Excel, they should be able to set up a custom dashboard to your specifications.

We have a similar template within Google Datastudio on the Ayima Funnel, which you can learn more about in our guide. 

We also create reports on our powerful proprietary tool, Ayima Query. This hooks into reporting APIs to pull and merge marketing data from multiple sources. It creates bespoke reports that give stakeholders a 360० view of marketing performance. 

Our flagship Ayima Reporting tool provides SEO tracking and market intelligence. 

The ayima reporting tool

If you do need more advanced tracking and setups, feel free to get in touch.

Download the Marketing Dashboard Template for free

As with the web analytics template, this template is available for free download. They are released under a Creative Commons license meaning they are free to use but credit back to Ayima and Leap Three must be retained.  

You can find the templates below:

Simply click on the files above and click “Use Template” in the top right to copy it to your own drive and start making changes. 

Interested in marketing dashboards? Our experts are on hand if you’d like a more detailed strategy to suit your needs. Get in touch with the team here, we'd love to hear from you.

Note: This blog post was originally published on Leapthree.com, and moved across to Ayima.com as part of the 2018 acquisition.

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