Whatever your trigger for needing a new strategy, it's always useful to have something to hand to help guide you towards the right end result.

To help businesses big and small improve the ROI of content, we’ve developed the DIY Content Marketing Strategy Course - it’s available now for you to sign up for free. Keep reading for a little more info on what to expect when you enrol.

DIY Content Marketing Strategy Course

We believe a strategy should be practical; something which you can easily turn into a plan that anyone can glance at and immediately understand the intention and direction.

And that’s exactly what we’re providing for Content Marketers, Strategists, Social Media and PR Managers as well as Heads of Search and Digital Marketing.

Signing up triggers your first email containing detailed information on how to get your strategy off the ground. Through four subsequent emails we’ll guide you through the important elements of Content Marketing; objective setting, conversions, audience research, creative content development, media promotion and much, much more.

You’ll  be led through exactly how to fill out  the free content strategy framework templates provided and at the end you’ll be left with a completed strategy ready to put into action.

Content Marketing Strategy Template

Ready to get going? Head to the DIY Content Marketing Strategy Course page and pop your email in the form.

We’ve had some very kind words from reputable folk within the content strategy industry:

“The truth is, Content Marketing is facing a skills gap. These great bite-sized chunks of content marketing training will help any busy organization integrate knowledge - and any practitioner to sharpen their knife. Kudos to the Ayima team for putting this together.”

- Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute

“This course offers succinct, effective principles and objectives that content people can apply right away. The strategy is all about proving results in conversions and your bottom line, and it works. Most importantly, it provides ways to get your boss to buy-in to the business value of content marketing!”

- CJ Walker, Director of Recruitment, Firehead

Update (July 2016): here's a video recording of my talk at Ayima Insights Conference, which provides some further context to the importance of Content Strategy and sticking to a process.

We’d love to see what gems are created, and if you need a little assistance in developing a content strategy for your business, we’re more than happy to help. This course is available as a training workshop for your internal team or as a speaker presentation if there’s a suitable slot at your event. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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