Ayima have joined forces with Aspectus PR and have put together a whitepaper outlining the importance of Corporate SEO and how SEO needs to be integrated into the business at a strategic level. 

The whitepaper looks at how to achieve the best and the most sustainable results when building a corporate SEO strategy. It establishes the importance of natural search within an online marketing strategy, and points out that there is a great deal of variation in the way companies value the discipline.

One approach is to bring all stakeholders together to share ideas on best practices with regards to PPC, SEO and social media, as well as to agree a framework for delivering a more joined-up approach.

Not only were many traditional bricks-and-mortar companies late to take up online marketing strategies at all, but many more have focussed on PPC at the expense of natural search results. SEO is often harder for senior management to understand and justify expenditure on. It is necessary to educate those involved in the procurement process about the strategic benefits of SEO. One of the main things to understand is how to use important SEO techniques wisely across the business and promote their use within the company, overlapping with other communication streams.

SEO should be integrated within a corporate marketing strategy. A company website is a virtual shop window and should be treated as a key strategic asset. This means companies must take SEO seriously. If they do it will be worth the money spent on it.

PDF File  Download the whitepaper: Building Corporate SEO Strategy

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