Ayima Labs are happy to announce the beta launch of it's first web app, the annotation and collaboration tool, Appotate. The idea was first conceived in early 2011 by Creative Director and DesignBuzz founder Jay Galsworthy, whilst trying to get sign-off on a new client's website. A mixture of screenshots, Skitch diagrams and wordy emails were going back and forth to agree on final changes. The process wasn't proving efficient and no products or services on the market solved the issues faced by Jay's design agency (now part of the Ayima Group).

Appotate offers a fast and simple way to comment and collaborate on images and live websites. Whether you're a graphics designer getting approval on new media ads, a web designer seeking feedback on some mock-ups, or an SEO recommending on-page changes to a client, Appotate makes the whole process trackable and efficient.

Check out the video tour below, or sign up for free during our beta testing period!


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