We are extremely proud to announce that Ayima are now listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm. Ayima are the 55th company admitted to Nasdaq’s Nordic markets in 2018 and will trade under the Group name Ayima Group AB as of today.

Mike Nott ringing the bell to commence trading

Since April 2017, Ayima have been listed on the Swedish trading platform AktieTorget (now known as Spotlight). And now, following numerous service expansions and the acquisition of leading analytics agency LeapThree in July 2018, we’re thrilled to join the Nasdaq Stockholm family as part of our mission to expand our company internationally.

When we launched Ayima back in 2007, we were a small agency specialising in technical SEO. And in the years since then, we have expanded into a multifaceted digital marketing agency with more than 150 staff members across global offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Raleigh, Vancouver and Stockholm.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Ayima. We’re focused on how we can boost our technical SEO services through new technology within our growing analytics, CRO and machine learning offerings. We’re also heavily invested in developing SaaS products to help improve the productivity and communication of digital marketers worldwide.

While we’re still a relatively small player in a larger market, our growth potential is limitless. We strive to attract the talent and build the service offerings necessary to stay ahead of the competition. These goals are part of why we set out to join Nasdaq First North. We also know how important it is to attract and retain talented people who can grow and develop alongside us. While this growth requires funding, it brings higher margins from economies of scale in the long term.

Nasdaq welcoming Ayima in Times Square, New York

Ayima’s journey over the last 11 years has been exciting for everyone involved. We’re extremely proud of all our staff and are grateful for their ongoing dedication for the work we do for our clients. Now part of Nasdaq, we’re thrilled to see what lies ahead.

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