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Summer is just about over and as we prepare to move into the fall season, that means one thing: cooler temperatures and the impending holiday rush. Before we get there, though, let’s rewind and take a look at the big news from this past August, which includes headlines from Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can read these stories and much more, like our own Insights articles, in the August 2021 Digital Roundup.

SEO stories

Google introduce new system of generating web page titles

Google rolled out an update to how they generate web page titles, and it goes beyond relying on HTML title tags. While they do use those tags more than 80% of the time, Google pointed out that they’re sometimes “very long,” “stuffed with keywords,” or simply don’t exist. In those instances, the new system considers the “main visual title,” such as an H1 or a headline on the page, to help the user understand the page better. As their blog post says, “[O]ur update is designed to produce more readable and accessible titles for pages.”

Google update ‘How Search Works’ website

Google’s ‘How Search Works’ site is a helpful tool for anyone, regardless of SEO knowledge, to find out how the search engine operates. And this past August, the company rolled out a freshly revamped version of the knowledge hub to make it a bit easier to use (and easier on the eyes). While veteran SEOs won’t have much to take away from the platform, it's a worthwhile tool to share with anyone eager to learn more about search!

Paid media stories

Facebook release Conversions API tag template for GTM

Facebook Ads have now released a template for Conversions API tag in GTM server side container. This is great news for those trying to get ahead of the game on server-side tracking to keep up with iOS updates and Google blocking third-party cookies in 2022 (or whenever they eventually do). It may be technically involved, but having an official GTM Server Side template for Facebook should lessen the load for implementation of the Facebook Conversion API. Want to learn more? Check out Simo Ahava’s guide.

Instagram testing ads on Shop tab

After launching the Shop tab in May 2020, Instagram is now testing out how ads will work in this part of the platform. Only a select group of U.S. advertisers have access to this ad test, and TechCrunch reports that those advertisers have the opportunity to try out single image and carousel-based approaches. TechCrunch also says that more markets will get to test this feature in the coming months, so keep an eye out for additional info soon.

Digital analytics stories

Cautionary tale on data privacy

With data privacy at the top of mind for many digital marketers, we wanted to highlight this cautionary tale associated with Zoom. The video conferencing platform’s parent company, Zoom Video Communications Inc., settled a lawsuit by agreeing to pay out $85 million and to strengthen its security. As noted by Reuters, the lawsuit claimed that Zoom violated its users’ privacy rights in two ways. First, when it shared their data with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn; and second, when it allowed hackers to “Zoombomb” meetings on the platform.

Cross-generational digital marketing overview

From Boomers to Zoomers, just about everyone uses social media these days. What that means for digital marketers is clear: speaking to all of these generations is crucial for growth. That’s the key message from Forbes contributor Julie Meredith (VP of marketing at Dash Hudson), who provided a slew of insights into how to reach these groups. From leveraging social media to prioritising generational inclusivity, there’s a lot to digest in this Forbes piece.

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