We're thrilled to announce Ayima Insights Club. It's a global club for digital marketers to get content tailored to their interests, and have exclusive access to digital marketing resources and events.

What is Insights Club?

There's a lot of digital marketing content out there. And yet nothing that tailored to what you are looking for. Well we want to change that. Ayima Insights Club is a free members-only club to access digital marketing resources based on your interests. It's available around the world, and you can become a member with a simple sign-up process.

What do I get?

As a member of the Ayima Insights Club, you'll get all this:

  • Personalised insights: In-depth how-to guides, deep-dives, and digital marketing articles tailored to your interests. Expect around 1-2 of these pieces a month per persona you choose
  • Workshops: Priority access to any digital marketing workshops or industry-specific sessions we run
  • Tools and scripts: A free bank of digital marketing tools, scripts, and templates, accessible at any time
  • Webinars: Priority access to all Ayima webinars on digital marketing
  • White papers: Free access to future white papers published by Ayima and our partners
  • Need-to-know industry news: A monthly news round-up with commentary on all the latest digital marketing trends
  • New features: A say in the future direction of Ayima Insights Club. We will look to always add new features based on your ideas and votes.

How much does it cost?

Even with access to these tools, Ayima Insights Club is free. Insights Club is our way of giving back to the wider marketing community that we love being a part of. And if you find you actually don't like it or don't want these amazing resources, you can leave the club at any point.

Who's it suitable for?

Ayima Insights Club is suitable for digital marketers of all levels.

  • Useful to those who want to broaden their expertise or learn a completely new skill
  • Perfect for those wanting in-depth guides and deep-dives into more granular aspects of their roles
  • Spans a range of digital marketing channels, tailored to the persona you select
  • Helpful for those without the support of a wider network. For example, if you are client-side, not part of an agency or a massive digital marketing team
  • Equally suited to those who do have these support teams to be empowered by the insights, support, and network opportunities.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Sign up to Ayima Insights Club here!

Learn about our free, personalised insights club

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