Kickstart - An affordable SEO & Digital Marketing service for Startups

Kickstart is an exciting new service from Ayima specifically designed to help Startups gain digital marketing traction and coverage whilst being budget friendly.

Why digital marketing is difficult for startups

Establishing your website’s presence on Google is no easy feat. Google’s ranking algorithms tend to reward large brands that have already accumulated large amounts of “link equity” (incoming backlinks) to rich and robust content. Even if you have great content, technical SEO problems can cause serious problems for indexing and ranking, and many of these issues can require expensive development resource to resolve.

The biggest hurdles for small business websites are typically:

  • Technical SEO Problems
  • Lack of Optimized Content (or any Content at all)
  • Few Incoming Links
  • Limited Development Resource for all of the above
  • Technical SEO knowledge is traditionally required to ensure that Googlebot can crawl and index all viable aspects of your site. This also removes roadblocks to the crawler and improves internal link equity flow.
  • Content SEO refers to publishing content on your site that is relevant to what Google users are searching for. Without this, your site simply will not rank.
  • Link Development is often cited as one of the most expensive and difficult aspects of SEO to do correctly. The way that websites link to each other formed the backbone of Google’s original algorithm. Incoming external backlinks from other websites are a crucial component of both ensuring SEO success and delivering traffic to your website.
  • Development resource is often costly and time intensive. This is especially true for companies with dev teams working on projects such as software-based services. In this case, you need all of your developers concentrating on those projects, and not worrying about your website issues.

Kickstart has everything you need to generate traffic into your website

Technical SEO: Removing the headaches

Your SEO Strategist will conduct a full examination of your site to identify any areas that may be impeding indexing or site performance.

Content SEO: Expertly written information

Our expert writers extensively research your target audience, product and vertical to ensure that the content we provide is useful for your users and search engines.

Link Development: Ranking naturally

High quality links on relevant websites help increase the traffic and user engagement into your website, which helps create a buzz around your company.

Dedicated Strategist: Empowering and training

Your SEO Strategist will recommend and implement changes to your site. They’ll also report on site improvements and traffic gains so you can stay fully informed.

Affordable Plans: Helping your funding go further

Ayima use more than 10 years of experience working with some of the largest brands and focus that into affordable packages that make sense for your level of funding.

Updatable: A revolution in modern SEO

Whichever platform your site is built on, Updatable is a viable solution for making fast and effective changes without extensive tech knowledge.

Updatable: A Revolution in Modern SEO

Ayima’s revolutionary edge SEO software wraps all of the potential of edge SEO into a simple and easy to understand interface. Updatable can change everything from the visible text on a page to search engine crawler operatives on the fly.

Fast Results on a Level Playing Field

  • No matter what platform your site is built on Updatable is a viable solution to make fast, effective changes
  • Developers aren’t needed
  • More than just SEO: almost any element on your website can be changed immediately

Kickstart Technical SEO

Utilizing their Ayima training and established auditing guidelines, your SEO Strategist will conduct a full examination of your site to identify any areas that may be impeding indexing or site performance.

Standard Technical SEO Workflow

  • The Strategist will begin with a full site crawl, sending our own crawlers through the site to mimic Googlebot and identify any crawl hurdles, duplicate content or other technical issues
  • The Strategist will deliver an audit containing all identified issues (alongside areas examined that contained no issues) and prioritized implementation tables
  • The Strategist will work with the client to create a roadmap detailing the scheduling of solving these issues quickly utilizing Updatable

Kickstart Content SEO

Because optimized copy is so crucial for a successful organic campaign, Ayima includes content production as a main pillar of services with Kickstart. Our expert writers extensively research your target audience, product and vertical to ensure that the content is useful for your users and search engines.

Standard Content SEO Workflow

  • The process begins with a conversation between you and your strategist: Who is your audience? What are their possible intents?
  • Next, they conduct Keyword Research, utilizing both standard discovery processes and competitive gap analysis
  • Existing pages may already contain strong content, but need better keyword optimization. Ayima will identify these pages and use Updatable to implement these
  • For new Content, your Strategist will work with you to determine the best use of monthly content production
    • Initial months may be best served creating robust, high-quality link targets
    • Further down the road, priority may shift to bolstering landing pages that lack unique content

Kickstart Link Development

Link development campaigns can be difficult and expensive without established workflows, trained outreach specialists and specialized software. Ayima has been helping companies acquire links for over 10 years, and has one of the most efficient processes in the industry.

Link Development Workflow

  • The quickest link wins are broken links already pointing to your site. Your strategist will identify all links that are pointing to 404ing pages on your site, and can utilize Updatable to instantly redirect these links to existing, valuable pages
  • Rich content and link development go hand in hand: your strategist will help identify robust, linkable content or recommend the production of it.
    • Once linkable content has been created or identified, Ayima outreach specialists will prospect thousands of sites to find potential link relationships.
    • Utilizing our proprietary CRM, these specialists will reach out to site owners and begin conversations to facilitate incoming external links to your site