February 2020 Digital Roundup

Is it spring yet? While we wait (im)patiently for the freezing weather to subside, we’ve got plenty of big news to cover from the world of digital marketing. Google dominated the news cycle this past month with major headlines across all industries, including updates to Search Console and changes to the Google Partners program. Facebook popped up in the news as well, and so did some of our own lovely people at Ayima.


Continue reading to learn more about these stories as well as what we have in store for the next month.

SEO stories

Google Search Console allows for better data exports

Google Search Console now allows users to download complete information from almost all reports as opposed to just specific table views, which was your only option previously. This means that when you obtain a report with a list of issues and the pages they impact, you can also view “a daily breakdown of your pages, their status, and impressions received by them on Google Search results.”

Performance reports were improved as well thanks to two changes. First, you can now download all your tabs, from Queries to Devices, in a single click. Plus, there’s an additional tab, “Filters,” to show you which filters were used when exporting the data. If you want to know more about these GSC improvements, you can read Google’s full explanation.

Google to apply mobile-first indexing to all sites within 1 year

In related news, Google also began to communicate their plans “to apply mobile-first indexing to all websites in the next six to twelve months.” This information came as part of an email notice/alert they send in GSC to sites with mobile-first indexing issues, according to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land.

If you (or one of your clients) received a message containing the aforementioned note, it’s strongly recommended that you begin to work on those issues. If not, Google may end up having trouble crawling your site—and that’s never a good look.

Paid media stories

Optimisation scores and recommendations to impact Google Partners?

In some rather surprising news, Google announced some major changes to its Partners program that includes stringent guidelines for maintaining membership. The changes go into effect at the end of June 2020, and they require members to achieve at least a 70% optimisation score (and other requirements) to keep their Partners badge.

Search Engine Land’s Ginny Marvin provided an in-depth breakdown of exactly what’s expected from Google Partners members, including whether agencies need to follow all of Google’s recommendations. The consensus appears to be that you can keep your spot by simply following the suggestions that make sense for your campaign and ignoring those that don’t. Want to know more? We recommend reading Ginny’s article.

Facebook rolls out new privacy features

To celebrate Data Privacy Day (28th January), Facebook announced several new initiatives to help give users more control over their data. They started by sending out notices to nudge people to use the platform’s Privacy Checkup Tool that lets users get a full view of who can see their information, who they’ve shared it with, and the like.

Plus, Facebook implemented a log-in notification alert system that’s tied to the third-party apps and sites that utilise the platform’s log-in information. So now, if you were to log into a site using your Facebook account info, you should receive a notification that it happened. And to cap it off, Facebook brought the Off-Facebook Privacy Tool to all users around the world.

Digital analytics stories

A guide to Google Tag Manager and its impact on page speed

Knowing that Google Tag Manager touts improvements in page speed as one of its big selling points, Analytics Mania’s Julius Fedorovicius set out to see if this was actually true. And in his tests and tinkering he found that, well, it really depends.

While Fedorovicius maybe didn’t get the answer he hoped for, his results certainly speak for themselves and are certainly worth investigating. After all, they could help you with your own Tag Manager woes (though he makes it clear to take his findings with a grain of salt). Interested? We are, too. Head over to Analytics Mania to read the full guide.

How to create a complex funnel visualisation in Data Studio

Have you been looking for a way to build a more complex funnel visualisation chart in Google’s Data Studio, only to fall short given the tools provided? Search no more, because Conversion Uplift’s Neal Cole has provided a step-by-step guide for how to create a complex funnel visualisation (and he even shouted out Ayima’s funnel community visualisation).

With this chart, you’re able to get a better grasp on conversions, drop out rates, and other crucial information related to the funnel. Get started with Cole’s guide now—or check out our solution if your funnel is not quite as complex.

Ayima news

From our upcoming training sessions to events we’d like you to know about in the coming months, here’s the latest from our team at Ayima.

Speaking engagements and events

We think you should keep an eye on these past and upcoming engagements featuring some of our own staff:


  • Analytics Fireside Chat: Our Director of Digital Analytics, Peter O’Neill, sat down with Diana Daia for a highly informative fireside chat that you can read now at Accutics.
  • MeasureBowling: We want to give a quick shout out to the 12th edition of MeasureBowling (co-founded by Peter), which takes place on 26th March. More than 20 cities around the world are taking part in the community-building activity, and you can find out how to get involved at their website.


  • BrightonSEO: Mark your calendars for 17th April, because SEO Director Sam Gipson will take part in one of the world’s biggest SEO conferences when he discusses what he learned from “analysing thousands of robots.txt files.” Learn more at BrightonSEO.

Ayima Insights training

March features a lineup of three Ayima Insights training sessions for those who want to learn more about the different channels of digital marketing. Each is free to attend and will take place at our London offices. They begin at 9 a.m. with free breakfast, and they run from 9:30 a.m to 1 p.m.

  • Wed, 11th March: Google Analytics for Marketers. Demonstrates how our experts optimise marketing across varying channels and campaigns through different strategies, tools and techniques.
  • Wed, 18th March: Paid Media for eCommerce Campaigns. Shows how you can use data to inform cross-channel strategies that deliver the strongest results through intelligent channel-specific targets.
  • Wed, 25th March: SEO for eCommerce Platforms. Provides strategies, tools, and techniques to boost organic exposure for various types of landing pages and faceted navigation.

Learn about our free, personalised insights club

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