If there are 3 things we love here at Ayima, it’s competition, teamwork and fun. So when we read about Tough Mudder, described as “a teamwork-focused, obstacle-crammed event topped off by the most epic Mudder Village After Party your Instagram feed has ever seen”, we couldn’t wait to sign-up. And after months of intense training (a run or two counts, right?), last week, 16 of Ayima’s bravest, toughest and quite possibly craziest staff members made our way across London to take on Tough Mudder.

Before the event

Perhaps to make up for a slight lack of pre-event training, we took our ‘on the day’ training very seriously. Fortunately, this primarily consisted of carb loading and a planning meeting, during which we decided to tackle each of the obstacles we would face as we would a client challenge; utilising team members’ individual strengths to overcome each in the most effective way.

Confident our strategy would have us tearing ahead of the other teams and knowing just 10 obstacles stood between Ayima and the Event Village After Party, we were raring to go as we crossed the start line.

Tackling the obstacles

First up was a seemingly easy obstacle; the piggyback. We confidently hoisted all the lighter members of the group onto the backs of the heavier members and ran forwards. It turns out the organisers of Tough Mudder were one step ahead and threw in a ‘swap point’ halfway through the obstacle. Despite a few sore backs, a few minutes later we had completed our first Tough Mudder obstacle.

With each passing kilometer the obstacles came thick and fast, as we went from heaving ourselves over ‘Hero Walls’ (10 ft walls which are tilted towards you, and much harder than they look) to clambering up and over a 2 story lattice, described by Tough Mudder as the ‘Giant A-hole’. Throughout the race we kept together as a team, helping each other through.


The finish line

9 obstacles down, the finish line loomed and just 1 obstacle stood in our way; Everest. Aptly named, it is described as ‘a true Tough Mudder legend’. The easiest way to describe Everest is a giant skateboard ramp participants are tasked with running up and over. Taking a deep breath, we ran full steam ahead towards the structure, and with the help of a few teammates positioned at the top, all made it over.

Everest accomplished, the only thing left was the sprint finish. Passing over the finish line together and all in one piece, we completed our Tough Mudder Challenge feeling pretty elated and proud, having had a great time. We made a beeline for our complimentary ciders and finishers' t-shirts before making our way to the Event Village to celebrate the team’s achievement in true Ayima style.

What the team had to say

“Knowing your teammates would be there to help you through made the event far less scary,  and so much fun” (Abby)

“We all had a fantastic time at Tough Mudder. It was great to see everyone working so well as a team and helping and encouraging each other through the obstacles and while running. We all can’t wait to participate in the 10k event where there will be mud, water and electricity!” (Nicky)

“Tough Mudder was so much fun and a lot of hard work, but the former definitely outweighed the latter! It was fun working out who was best for each task, as we needed people of all shapes, sizes, heights and strengths to get over obstacles. The atmosphere was great and it was especially fun doing it in the dark! Best memory for me was the moment we all crossed the finish line as a team and realised we’d all survived. Worst moment was the bruises I had on Saturday…” (Freya)

Well done to the team and everyone involved; next stop, the Tough Mudder Half!

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