MeasureCamp London 2017

Simon Löfwander /

On Saturday the 25th of March, it was time for MeasureCamp’s 10th London installation. The event takes place every six months in September and March and has been in play since 2012. It was as hard as ever to get tickets, signifying the popularity of… Read More

About Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Simon Löfwander /

In 2015, Google released its machine learning algorithm “RankBrain” which was confirmed by Google’s senior research scientist Greg Corrado as the third most important ranking factor in a Bloomberg article, signifying the increasing importance of AI in Google’s… Read More

How to Visualize an XML Sitemap Using Python

Alex Galea /

There are many reasons to examine an XML sitemap. For an SEO or analyst it can provide a means of quickly understanding a client’s site structure. From a technical perspective, it can be compared with a site crawl to discover excluded pages. Furthermore, mobile and… Read More

Free Content Marketing Strategy Course

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Whatever your trigger for needing a new strategy, it’s always useful to have something to hand to help guide you towards the right end result. To help businesses big and small improve the ROI of content, we’ve developed the DIY Content Marketing… Read More

Google Removes Right Rail PPC Advertisements from SERPs

Ryan Huser /

Recent dramatic changes to the layout of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) on February 18th, 2016 have the Search Industry abuzz with excitement and speculation. What changed, why did it change, and how will it affect you and your business? Read what Ayima has… Read More

Does Your Website Need AMP?

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A faster, more responsive mobile web is a future that any user could get on board with. In pursuit of this, Google has co-developed an open source solution entitled AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). There’s no denying AMP is fast – even startlingly so. Read More

Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy Using Keyword Data

Tom Whittam /

This week I had the opportunity to give a webinar for competitive marketing data tool SEMrush titled Using Keyword Data To Crush Your Competition. The webinar focused on some key parts of a content marketing strategy, including; top-level competitor analysis, content gap analysis,… Read More

Proactive Tasks for Onsite and Offsite SEO

Tom Whittam /

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at two high profile events in the marketing industry; BrightonSEO and the Travel Marketing Conference. On Friday 12th September I spoke at BrightonSEO about being proactive with your backlinks before the impending Penguin update,… Read More

SMX London Write-up: Universal Data Analytics

Megan McMahon /

After a very successful first day at SMX London, Ayima came storming in to wrap up for day two. David Sosnowski, Director of Data Insights & Analytics, spoke on the panel of industry experts, covering the topic of: “The brave… Read More

SMX London Follow-up: Third Party SEO Tools

Janaya Wilkins /

As promised at SMX London, during my presentation on the SEO Periodic Table panel, below is a round up of some third-party SEO tools that we endorse. Here at Ayima, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to in-house tools and have a team of… Read More

Brighton SEO Write up – April 2014

Krishna Uka /

The Ayima team were down at BrightonSEO last week, attending talks by speakers such as Kate Dryer, Gemma Birch, Jose Truchado and Bastian Grimm. Kate Dreyer – The Global Site Migration Monster – A Case Study Kate Dreyer, a Global SEO Manager at… Read More

SEO Analytics -“Everyone Understands Money”

David Sosnowski /

How to Build a SiteCatalyst Conversion Funnel in 3 Easy Steps Everyone understands money – no two ways about it. No CEO is ever going to give you an honest high-five for organic traffic increases if revenue didn’t follow. This creates an issue since… Read More

Link Penalty Recovery & HTTP Status Codes Tips

Brandon Millard /

It seems like every week we hear about more and more sites getting penalized for unnatural backlink profiles. From widgets to article directories, popular link building techniques from yesteryear are coming back to haunt website owners and SEO professionals alike. For many companies, backlink profiles… Read More

SEO & UX – Engaged to be Married

David Sosnowski /

Within the evolution of the internet comes the progression of how we use it. Constant changes to how, why and what we search. This creates a continuous battle of how/why search engines prefer to represent information. One thing you can always count on in this… Read More

Keyword Unavailable: No Keyword Data, No Problem

David Sosnowski /

The single most asked question I have had over the last two years is, “how do you solve for keyword unavailable?” The answer to me is simple, “you don’t.” Every hack you do gets you farther away from the real number. SEO analytics, like SEO,… Read More

SEO Tools and Tips – D3 (Data-Driven Documents)

David Sosnowski /

One of the toughest challenges I have encountered while working in SEO is that you are constantly tasked with explaining complex theories and trends through large amounts of data. Fear no more, D3 is here to help. D3 is a tool that can help you compile… Read More

SiteCatalyst – Is Your Organic Data Being Polluted by Paid?

David Sosnowski /

The age old question of SiteCatalyst – is paid search data being counted as natural? The first step in the right direction is to understand that search traffic has two components: paid and natural. To get natural search you will need to separate search traffic… Read More

Making Data Based SEO Decisions with SiteCatalyst

David Sosnowski /

“Data is the ball and the internet is the field. You can’t score without the ball.” Having data to make decisions to structure your natural search strategies has always been a need in SEO. Especially now with constant updates and the everyday changing world that… Read More

Guide to Backlink Analysis: Identifying Problematic Backlinks

Brandon Millard /

Let’s say you’ve just received a new hot client lead. As part of your initial research, you should be interested in future proofing the site’s backlink profile against unnatural link warnings from Google. You need to quickly figure out if there are links pointing to… Read More

Mobile SEO: Assessing Mobile Strategies For Your Business

Ian Pereira /

It’s no secret that smartphone usage is now big, and still growing. Affordability of the latest cutting-edge smartphones has obviously played a significant part in this growth. Looking at today’s mouthwatering smartphone specifications and they sound more akin with budget to mid-range PC’s of last… Read More

Conquering Pagination – A Guide to Consolidating your Content

Ryan Huser /

A topic sure to make any SEO neophyte’s head spin, approaching and handling pagination can seem a daunting prospect at first. Pagination is a wily shapeshifter, rearing its ugly head in contexts ranging from e-commerce, to newspapers, to forums. Bottom line is, if you’re in… Read More

Redirect Path – Our Free Google Chrome Extension

Rob Kerry /

Since 2005, I’ve used a very handy tool called Web Sniffer for checking HTTP Headers and bad/chained website redirects. A humble redirect can sometimes decide whether a website ranks or not, capturing link authority from non-existant URLs or stopping Google from indexing… Read More

The Big Day: Time Sensitive SEO Campaigns

Jane Copland /

It takes about ten years to grow a Christmas tree, ready for the big day. Luckily seasonal campaigns online don’t take that long to prepare, but you still need to leave yourself enough time and take care of the seasonal landing pages year-round. There are… Read More

How to Optimize a Company YouTube Channel

Mark Tempest /

Many brands are finally realising the power of video as a traffic and sales generator, producing video content that both advertises their products/services and informs their customers. YouTube is a natural home for this video content, as it’s not only the 2nd largest search engine… Read More

Corporate SEO: Where Did My Search Data Go?

Rob Kerry /

These articles aim to simplify the task of explaining Google shifts in a corporate environment Google announced a UI change yesterday, apparently designed to aid the privacy of users whilst logged into Google. When visiting or searching on, users will be redirected to… Read More

Competitive Backlink Analysis by Jane Copland

Jane Copland /

Let’s start by making a comparison between search engine markets and sport. You might have found that you are the faster and stronger than you have ever been before. But before you race someone else, your results don’t mean terribly much. Everyone has to run together. Read More

Ayima’s Rob Kerry Explains SEO to Insurance Brokers

Rob Kerry /

I visited Incisive Media’s London headquarters recently, to film a brief 5 minute chat with Insurance Age magazine Editor, Martin Friel. Working heavily in the insurance sector ourselves, Ayima knows very well how competitive the vertical can be in SEO. With many insurance brokers… Read More

WordPress SEO – Presented at SMX Sydney 2011

Rob Kerry /

WordPress is a fantastic framework that is rapidly becoming the CMS of choice for many SMEs, non-profits and even large corporations. The presentation above by Ayima’s Director of Search, Rob Kerry, is based on the “WordPress SEO” session that he presented at Search Marketing Expo… Read More

HTTP Status Codes – Get it right or lose revenue

Rob Kerry /

In IT We Trust – sometimes too much. Whilst the general awareness of SEO best practice techniques has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade, website operators (especially at large corporations) still rely too much on the knowledge of their IT department or… Read More

Gaining SEO Value From Your Affiliates

Rob Kerry /

Recessions are a time for belt-tightening within companies and most in-house SEOs have probably already been approached by their CMO / Marketing Director, asking for ways to cut costs and make better use of existing resources. There's only so-many pages you can tweak or site architecture issues you can fix before SEO comes down to one thing - links. Links are costly, whether you buy them, ask for them or bait them - time is money and links take up valuable time and resources. If your company is like the many that I've worked with, you're probably already attracting links in the form of display advertising and affiliate links, but these add nothing to your site's authority or rankings. Ad tracking systems such as Doubleclick block search engines from following their links and most affiliate systems and providers send crawlers through a slurry of ugly redirects. Read More