DIY Content Marketing Strategy

Content, Marketing and Strategy. Three words that on their own mean a whole host of things to different people. Put them together and it presents a pretty daunting prospect.


  • An ecourse providing instructions on how to develop a framework to improve the ROI of your content.


  • Content Marketers and Strategists
  • Social Media and PR Managers
  • Heads of SEO and Digital Marketing


  • 5 modules delivered by email
  • 5 mins per module


  • Free!

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The Method

We’re providing you with a practical resource, rather than a theoretical guide. The DIY Content Marketing Strategy approach centres on producing core pieces of content. They’re designed to be valuable company assets; signature content that’s genuinely useful, contributing the vast majority of visits that you need to make the programme a success.

From this flows complementary content, meeting broader objectives which you can scale according to the size of your organisation. This works whether you’re a one-man-band or a multi-national corporation.

It’s a simple solution, but an effective one that clearly denotes the boundaries, expectations and purpose of content so you can stay on top of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

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