The Challenge

Homeserve is one of the UK’s largest home heating and plumbing insurance businesses. They were looking to become the market leader in their category, and they came to Ayima for support in doing so. We identified a major opportunity for growth through a top-to-bottom transformation of their content.

Our Solution

We identified the need for a completely fresh approach to restructuring their blog content that included::

  • Close collaboration with Homeserve’s team on such an important project
  • Redefining content entirely around user needs
  • Bringing in our in-house technology to analyse, identify gaps and implement our strategies.

Working together with Homeserve, we implemented the following strategy:

  • Multiple migrations - We consolidated content from multiple domains into Homeserve’s ‘Living’ hub without losing authority or volume.
  • Analysed existing content using an internal content score system. This enabled us to
    1. Group content together into themes based on user-intent
    2. Eradicate content overlap and duplication
    3. Identify keyword gaps
    4. Identify gaps in the user journey
  • Build a quarterly content plan from these insights. We produced 3 highly focused content briefs per month for Homeserve’s writers to execute alongside copy reviews and optimisations
  • Set up complete tracking on target keywords using the ART. This highlighted new content launches and closely tracked the impacts of specific content.

This not only delivered astounding results immediately, it also gave Homeserve the solid foundations to drive future growth through the ‘Living’ blog hub.

Results at a glance

Drove a 1,587% increase in visitors from SEO YoY, almost all through non-brand keywords.
This growth consisted of 118,000 visitors per month, 95% of who were completely new users.
Homeserve overtook British Gas’s share of voice on SEO for the 1st time in their history.
Migration eliminated overlap and grouped content to maximise SEO. It set solid foundations for future growth, on top of the immediate results.