The Challenge

iCandy are an online retailer, who sell designer prams and baby travel systems. Alongside their traditional business of selling through resellers, they hired Ayima to increase direct sales through Paid Media. They were looking to improve their product revenue online at a strict and efficient ROAS target.

Our Solution

Ayima identified a complete paid media strategy across PPC, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We used these to bring their product to the foreground and match them with the users most likely to buy. 

We built out winter sale-specific campaigns and highlighted special offers. We used dynamic ad copy features within text ads, such as search countdown customisers to emphasise urgency.

We built out iCandy’s products into a catalogue, automatically pulling from their site, and launched product ads. We implemented dynamic product remarketing to encourage lapsed users to convert, driving an 83% increase in conversion rate. 

Our paid media team also went above and beyond to set up granular tracking on iCandy’s website, and used this to segment their web visitors in real time. Optimising towards high value customers drove an increase in average order value, contributing further to the substantial increase in overall ROI.

Results at a glance

A combination of targeting, structural changes and eCommerce strategies drove a 141% increase in ROAS Year-On-Year.
Setting up accurate dynamic remarketing drove an 83% increase in conversion rate compared to standard retargeting.
ROAS was 91% above iCandy’s target for the year.
By targeting the most relevant users and optimizing ad appearance, we increased CTR by 63% at a 35% lower CPC YoY.