The Challenge

Yallo is a global telecommunications company, specialising in international packages. Their website has a full online ecommerce offering and a range of other key business goals. The global nature of the Sunrise business also made regional and currency specific tagging vital. This tracking had to exist across multiple web-properties, and measure the impact of diverse marketing channels.

Our Solution

We designed initial discovery sessions with key stakeholders to hone in on Yallo’s analytics needs. We then conducted a full review of their data set-up and accuracy across all web properties. This let us identify the signals that would supply them with actual, powerful insights.

We used this to produce a three-pronged plan, centred on data, insights and education

  1. Data - Accurate and comprehensive ecommerce and site tagging in a single GA4 configuration.
  2. Insights - Based on the solid foundation of our GA4 data set-up, we built Yallo a new suite of dashboards. As a project extension, we also provided enhanced dashboards capturing raw platform and first party data, producing a full and clear picture of performance.
  3. Education - Full documentation on Yallo’s configuration gave them full ownership and control of their GA4 data. Upon delivery, we ran training sessions for the Yallo team on how to draw insights from our dashboards, and to leverage GA4 directly to capture more.

Results at a glance

Full GA4 implementation across both ecommerce and additional goals
Custom-built live dashboards, designed around stakeholders, to highlight key insights
Accurate, powerful tracking across multiple and global web properties
Training and documentation on how to build data into marketing decisions