The Challenge

British Airways were looking to drive significant growth in an absolutely core business area: flights and holidays to and from New York. As British Airway’s SEO partner, Ayima was tasked with delivering this. However, there were a number of legacy platform issues within a bespoke CMS, which was also impeding SEO efforts. These routes are extremely competitive, both from aggregator sites and alternative airlines.

Our Solution

Ayima identified and executed an SEO strategy to grow visibility on this key route through a 12 month roadmap

  • Tackle excessive page cannibalisation by consolidating pages
  • Improve weak commercial deep-links through better internal linking
  • Improve user experience and performance of mobile pages
  • Refresh on-page content based on keyword targets

Ayima tested a number of recommended solutions on lower priority routes to hone in the most impactful strategies. This reduced the risks in implementation, and improved the ultimate effect on performance.

The success of the project meant that we could implement our solution on all routes, and drive results across the departures board.

Results at a glance

Refreshed content, internal linking and mobile SEO grew organic traffic to our target keywords by 40%.
Targeted highly competitive terms indicating purchase intent, driving 175,900 monthly impressions across 5 hero keywords.
Support for British Airway’s in implementing the changes. Once changes were launched, it took core terms 2 months to achieve growth.
Testing across alternative routes maximised results. 80% of target keywords landed in positions 1-3.