The challenge

In a world put on pause by Covid-19, we had ambitious growth targets for the world’s largest low-carb website. We had worked together already, to successfully drive SEO in an increasingly competitive market. With PPC we needed to refocus campaigns that maximised incremental conversions without cannibalising on our strong SEO foundations.

Our solution

Working closely together with Diet Doctor’s digital team, we broke the strategy down into three parts: 

  1. Collecting data together from SEO and PPC to create a joint-view
  2. Fusing our automations together to reduce cannibalisation
  3. Building a single SERP experience. 

We used our suite of in-house technologyto collect and share data between paid and organic search at a keyword, audience, and geographic level. This gave us the data to identify and measure our strategies. With this, we could isolate exactly where appearing twice improved overall traffic, and where it did not. We maximised CTR with complementary copy across paid and organic listings. We also used audience data to maximise user experience between both SEO and PPC, and even coordinate the user journey across YouTube and Search.

Finally, we launched channel specific landing pages to improve quality scores and increase conversion rates by 255%

Results at a glance

A clearly defined user journey, with 29 different audience segments identified and coordinated across SEO, PPC and YouTube.
Drove a 144% increase in CVRs, and 117% growth in new customers from Search year-on-year to grow Diet Doctor’s revenue.
Bucked the trend in an increasingly competitive market, where total search volume dropped by 17%, we grew users by 48%.
Leveraged automation and our in-house technology to cut search cannibalisation and grow topline revenue.