The Challenge

Worldpay is a payment provider for businesses ranging from SMEs to multinational enterprises. They were looking to drive a large volume of leads for their sales teams to follow up with. They also needed to identify a strategy that worked at scale, and across multiple verticals.

Worldpay had previously worked with Facebook, but results were disappointing. They therefore came to Ayima to support their lead generation campaign to acquire new customers at scale.

Our Solution

Ayima built an entirely new paid social account structure based around granularity and targeting specific industries. 

We used Worldpay’s first-party data, segmented into verticals such as auto-repair, hairdressers or health and beauty, to deliver tailored creatives and ad copy based on user needs.

We even helped Facebook to improve their lead generation format. After completing the form, customers were not expecting calls from Worldpay’s sales team, so we worked with Facebook to introduce a thank you page with next steps. This improved both the user experience, as well as conversion rates on our leads. 

The results were outstanding, and proved the value of a previously unsuccessful to Worldpay.

Results at a glance

Achieved 238% of the target for the quarter within just one month
Campaign drove leads at a 68% lower cost-per-acquisition
Campaign was shortlisted for Best Lead Generation Campaign at the European Performance Awards