The Challenge

Heineken - the world’s second largest brewer - was moving their B2B customer management entirely away from call centres and towards a purpose-designed app, Heineken DOT

App analytics would be crucial for optimising this crucial source of revenue. Pubs, for example, would order stock through the app, and Heineken had to understand the impact of promotions and UX changes on direct revenue. 

Heineken therefore came to Ayima’s analytics team to implement full app tracking and design ongoing insights. The ultimate goal was to assess and increase app uptake and impact.

Our Solution

We started with a discovery phase. This included:

  • A full review of the existing app structure, datalayer and tracking setup.
  • A review with Heineken’s marketing teams to identify their needs. Email was a particularly important channel to design for.
  • Identifying and assessing key signals within the app.

We could then design our tracking around this, alongside Heineken’s product and UX teams.

We built a comprehensive app-tagging solution through Google Firebase. We then guided Heineken’s App development team through implementation.

We then built Heineken a previously unseen level of app intelligence for all of the relevant teams through a full suite of PowerBI dashboards. This helped teams to grab exactly the data and insights they needed for the tasks we had identified within the discovery phase.

Finally, we supported ongoing CRO within the app by implementing Hotjar to gather feedback on app performance and improvements. To capitalise on these insights, we delivered CRO training to Heineken’s internal teams to empower them for future success. DOT was a resounding success.

Results at a glance

Conducted a full discovery phase to build tracking based entirely on purpose
Full tracking implementation through Google Firebase
Enabled Heineken to gather key information on App usage and CRO insights, and to optimise this vital revenue source
Proactive support that was reactive to client needs in this massive transformation project