The implementation of machine learning algorithms and bringing data models to life has been our core focus within the data team, so much so that Ayima were shortlisted last year at the European Search Awards for our work on implementing AdWords bidding strategies utilising machine learning for one of our key clients.

As we continue focusing on data science into 2018, we are excited to announce our new machine learning platform, Ayima Intelligence. This comes nearly one year after we launched our Performance Analytics channel coupled with our data warehousing product, Query.

Ayima launch new machine learning tool, Intelligence

Making advanced analysis accessible

Ayima Intelligence was designed to allow for simple access to machine learning algorithms and advanced statistics for our consultants. Looking to move away from the need for complex Excel workbooks, this new tool enables them to focus on strategy and execution while the machine does the heavy lifting. To make this process even smoother, we have enabled a direct connection to our Query platform which means analysis can be as easy as point and click.

Spearheaded by our Data Scientist, Simon Löfwander we’ve developed functionality covering important functions such as forecasting, media optimisation, and portfolio bid/revenue analysis.

Example below shows modeling of conversions per unit over time, predictability using hurst exponent and seasonal decomposition to enable daily sales and spend analysis:

The tool enables spend predictions for digital marketing campaigns

We are also exploring further with Deep Learning through TensorFlow to help give greater insights, one example would be to predict SEO ranking factors within the SERPs.

Custom solutions to complex problems

By using modular methodology, we can optimise any model to get the best possible fit for any of our clients based on their unique data set. This means we’re able to provide recommendations that are truly aligned to their business strategy and ultimately their goals. An advancement in comparison to off-the-shelf solutions that can provide a generic, generalised approach and are not capable of fully scratching that data itch.

Machine learning is an extremely powerful tool that all digital marketers should have in their toolbox, though many are held back by one major hurdle: access. Ayima Intelligence changes that by providing access and scalability to all our consultants.

In the coming weeks, we will release a series of articles discussing various models we’ve developed, starting with insights into our Paid Search Ad Testing module.

For more information on Ayima Intelligence, get in touch.

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