Using Data from Social Media to Improve Performance

Peter O’Neill
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17th February 2012

Note: This post has moved from to Ayima as part of the 2018 acquisition.

The crowd at #SMWAnalytics

What an experience that was.  The first business event I had ever organised and, in the end, it all went smoothly with some amazingly positive feedback.  It was a full room which means there must have been 80 to 100 people in attendance.  And after 15 min of question time (following 45 min of talks) the crowd was asking if we could keep answering questions as they were finding it so interesting/useful.

Copies of the four presentations from the evening can be found below as well as some tweets from the evening.  As a reminder, the topic was “Using data from social media to improve performance”.  The four speakers covered different sources/uses of data and the talks were all full of practical advice.

While a Social Media Week event, this was also a London Web Analytics Meetup.  We get together about once a month to talk all things web analytics.  It is a very relaxed evening, the purpose is to share knowledge and compare notes.  If interested in coming along, please register online and you will receive details of future meetups, the next one is due to occur on 21st Mar.

Thanks to…

Many thanks again to WebTrends for paying for beers and to L3 Analytics for supplying the wine, pizza and bottle openers (last second panic).

The venue 01Zero-One was perfect for the event (sorry about the mess but hopefully the left over beers helped) and thank you to Chinwag for arranging the venue and all the advice/support they provided.

Of course, a major thank you to Cathy Ma for controlling the speakers/crowd moderating the event.

Also thanks go to Kelly/James for collecting the pizzas, Richard for carrying beers and beer bins.  Finally thank you to the previous event for leaving us heaps of fruit bowls, croissants and cheese boards.


** Update – if you click through to Slideshare, presentations can be downloaded from there **

First on stage was Joshua March, the co-founder and CEO of Conversocial.  He discussed some of the key metrics you need to track in order to deliver great customer service through Facebook and Twitter.

I was next up, covering what elements of social media can be captured using any web analytics tool, which are the key metrics to understand performance and how this data can be used to improve your social media strategies.

Integrating social media with web analytics from Peter O’Neill

The third presenter was Simon Cast, the Head of Products from PeerIndex (and former Rocket Scientist).  His topic was the influence metrics available through social media and how this intelligence can be used to spread a marketing message.

Smw12 presentation from Simon Cast

Finally we had Christian Howes, currently a Consultant at large and inventor of the word “fanciability”.  He discussed a more interesting purpose for social media data, to predict evictions from Big Brother.  But this example was used to highlight key learnings, particularly the importance of telling a story and representing data visually so that anyone can understand it.

I am just waiting on the ok from Christian to include a copy of his presentation here.

Another time

So a good first experience running an event.  Only issues were forgetting bottle openers and a leaking beer bin.  But not finishing all the drinks is a bit of a crime in my mind, there were too many beers and wines left over.  The KPI of drinks per person was definitely under target.

Maybe it was beginner’s luck but I hope to be involved in running more events in the future.  The audience definitely appreciated the approach of knowledge sharing and practical tips/advice over sales pitches or vague big picture musings.  Check out some of the feedback from twitter (from #SMWAnalytics).

Feedback on #SMWAnalytics via twitter

Written By Peter O’Neill
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